Hitting Pause for Gratitude this Thanksgiving

By: Brian Schutt  |  November 24, 2010


Time flies.  Nothing profound in that statement, other than it’s a continued revelation with every year that goes by.  I think that’s part of the reason we love holidays so much.  Aside from the wonderful food & family time, on the days where it’s the cultural convention to stop and celebrate, it’s the closest we come in life to hitting the pause button.  Pause allows us to actually reflect, instead of moving forward rapidly in every direction.  My pastor at Grace implores to “ruthlessly eliminate hurry” from our lives, yet most of us go on running the race we mark out for ourselves with little time spent looking back.

So this Thanksgiving, after a year of Homesense has flown by, we’re looking back.  And the emotion that comes up is gratitude.

We have been so blessed by God to live in this time, in this country, that would allow for a pursuit like the one we’ve had this last year.  Think about it, as we expressed in our Veteran’s Day tribute, America is a historical anomaly.  That we can have a business that allows people to live comfortable in conditions that historically would make certain places unlivable, we are thankful.

Starting a business in this recession could have been viewed as ridiculous.  I’m sure some people did view it that way, and I’m thankful they kept it to themselves.  The most important person in making Homesense a reality was my wife, Tiffany.  For always being there, for being the breadwinner, for never doubting me or the decision, and for being our biggest cheerleader, I am thankful.

And, while I’m on the subject of family, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank our parents.  They’ve been hugely helpful in so many ways as we’ve gotten the business off the ground.

In the process of starting a business without great resources, I’ve asked for a lot of favors.  We are blessed to have friends that would give of their time, talent and resources to help us get going.

First on that list are my good friends Nila and Steve Nealy, at twentytwo,  who helped immensely in the early stages of branding and design of the Homesense name and logo.  By helped, I mean they gave me thousands of dollars in free services.  They are awesome, and you should call them for your marketing needs.

Another person who helped early on with business and referrals, was our friend Don Deuser, of Don’s Carpet Cleaning (317.945.4137).  Generous is not a complete description.  Don is one of the most kind and trustworthy people I’ve ever met.

Brian Greiwe is a friend who helped with our website design and development.  Beyond being very easy to work with and timely, Brian and his team at Creative Underground, were very sensitive to what a startup business needs most to be successful.  They clearly cared about our success, not just getting the project done.  We are lucky to know them, and a thankful for their work on this site.

An important component of our marketing efforts is our beautiful picture.  Another very generous friend and great talent is Joe Dudeck from Joetography.  He took a Saturday morning earlier this year and gave us some fantastic pics gratis, a nice way of saying for free.  Now, I don’t think you’ll get that deal but if you’re looking for great pictures of landscapes or portraits in the Indianapolis area, Joetography is the way to go.

The list could go on for a while, but let’s just say we couldn’t have done it without these people above or these people below.  The folks below have done everything from putting up yard signs, giving referrals to clients, helping design business cards, being active Facebook fans or Retweeters, and most important calling us for their Heating | Cooling needs.  Thanks to Justin McKeand from M&I Bank in Broad Ripple, Mark Riggle at CertoPro Painters, Charlie and Meredith Meyer from California Closets, Mike & Judy Cohen, Kelly Karrmann from Klevergirl PR, Brent & Jen Whaley, Tom & Anne Lazard, Melissa Thompson, Drew Schroeder from GettyDrew Homes, Seth & Jackie Morales, Eddie Sans of When Eddie Met Salad, Tim & Megan King, Megelaine Images, Jana Cook, Brad & Lauren Kriner, Adam & Stephanie Reissner, Brandt & Kelly Voight, Chris Potts, Gibson Purdom, Jimmy & Meghan Pike, Shawn Dobbs, Mark & Bren Forcum, Allison Steck of Tucker, Mike & Amanda Pudleiner, Bobby Heeter, Bryan Augustine, Eric Atlas of EJC Technologies, Chris Lucas from Formstack, Jeremy Dearringer at Slingshot SEO, Kyle Lacy at MindFrame, the ubiquitous Paul Poteet, C.J. and Jamar at Reachmore, Brad Harper from Century 21 Sheetz, Leo Stenz from Stenz Construction, Jordan Roraus, Bob Kort from Kort Builders, and last but never least the legend that is Mike Feeser.

This list is pretty comprehensive, but we know there are undoubtedly some we’ve forgotten.  We ask your forgiveness for anyone not included, as so many have been helpful over many years.

We hope our attempt to press pause inspires you to do the same.  We hope you can take the next few days to share your gratitude with those that matter most.  May you be blessed this Thanksgiving!

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