Community Involvement

Each member of our team views it as a duty to be involved in the community. We believe that servanthood is a critical part of our collective personality and company culture, and want to share some of these organizations that matter to us. If you would like to know more about any of these organizations, we would love to tell you all about them.





Co-owner Jesse Cross attends and is an active member of College Park Church on the northwest of the city. He is involved in intercity outreach that ministers to at-risk women and families, and serves in the rehabilitation of homes on the near east side that provides subsidized housing for qualified lower income candidates.







Office manager Samantha Briggs is involved in Purchased, whose mission is to empower the community to end modern day slavery. All people are equally valuable – created and loved by God. Unfortunately, there are today approximately 27 million people being denied this equality. As a result, people in every part of our world are suffering needlessly. Lack of awareness and education perpetuate the problem. Our desire is not to spread despair but to stir hearts and empower people to get involved. Our desire is to challenge our communities to be a part of the solution; both locally and globally.


lemonade day indianapolis





Co-owner Brian Schutt serves on the board of advisors for the annual event Lemonade Day. Today, fewer and fewer kids are engaging in entrepreneurial activities like mowing lawns or starting lemonade stands. And yet many entrepreneurs talk about their early childhood experiences starting lemonade stands, or selling golf balls to empty-handed golfers, as the moment when the “light bulb went off.” The moment when they knew they could control their own destinies and possibly even change the world with their ideas. A lemonade stand did that for Scott Jones, local entrepreneur who started the Indianapolis chapter of Lemonade Day, and he wants other kids to have that “light bulb” moment.


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