Community Involvement

Each member of our team views it as a duty to be involved in the community. We believe that servanthood is a critical part of our collective personality and company culture, and want to share some of these organizations that matter to us. If you would like to know more about any of these organizations, we would love to tell you all about them.





Cofounder Jesse Cross attends and is an active member of College Park Church on the northwest of the city. He is involved in intercity outreach that ministers to at-risk women and families, and serves in the rehabilitation of homes on the near east side that provides subsidized housing for qualified lower income candidates.


Our other cofounder, Brian Schutt, attends Grace Church. He and his family have been regulars there for over a decade, enjoying the Sunday services and kids ministry. Additionally, they love the opportunity to volunteer at the Grace Care Center, which operates out of the 146th St. facility, that serves as a food pantry for members of the community.


Cofounder Brian Schutt also serves on the board of directors for the STARTedUP Foundation, which teaches students to view the world through a lens of innovation and entrepreneurship while building a life of purpose. The STARTedUP Foundation began in a classroom with one teacher inspiring students to view the world differently and, since 2018, has expanded statewide, engaging over 6000 students in the past five years.


Cofounder Brian Schutt also serves on the board of directors for the Orr Fellowship. The Orr Fellowship is on a mission to create the premier post-undergraduate experience in the nation. Made up of a community of recent college graduates with varied interests and backgrounds, Orr Fellows pursue their first full-time career while living in Indianapolis.


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