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Ductless mini split systems, or ductfree mini splits, are a rapidly growing part of the American HVAC marketplace because of a few important factors.

Flexibility of Ductless Mini Splits

The smaller indoor systems and outdoor systems are allowing for home owners to condition spaces without taking up the floor space that a typical mechanical room occupies. By maximizing the living space, many home renovation companies are looking at ductless mini splits first when doing room additions, attic finishes, or tackling a comfort problem area of the home.

Efficiency of Ductless Mini Splits

With some systems achieving up to a 30 SEER rating, ductless mini split heating and cooling systems are some of the most highly efficient heating and cooling products on the market. Couple that with the ability to turn off the system when not in use, home owners are seeing operating costs at pennies per dollar of that of conventional ducted HVAC units.

Capacity of Ductless Mini Splits

The concern many home owners have, will this smaller unit keep my family comfortable? The answer is yes. Properly sized for the space, ductless HVAC systems range from 9,000 btu’s of cooling up to 4 tons of cooling, the size of many typical whole house heating and air conditioning systems.

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