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As homeowners in the Indianapolis area, we are familiar with Indianapolis winters. We know how important the heat can be when the temperature drops. Sometimes it snows on Easter in this lovable state.

Be prepared with heating, furnace service and installation from Homesense. Trust our experts to guide you, not pressure you with sales tactics. We want to share our expertise and help you find the best heating solution for your family, business or investment property.

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Types of Heating Services for Indianapolis

At Homesense in Indianapolis, we service, repair and install several types of furnaces and heating equipment.

Gas Furnace

Most Indiana homeowners opt for a gas furnace. Powered by natural gas or propane, a gas furnace costs less to run than most electric models. An average lifespan for a gas furnace is around 18 years if it’s a quality product, well-maintained and experiences normal wear and tear.

Heat Pump

Historically, heat pumps are more common in more mild climates. For a long time, they weren’t capable of producing heat for long periods of time in sub-zero temperatures. In Indianapolis, we sometimes have several days in a row below freezing with overnights below zero.

Now, however, technology has improved and with backup mechanisms, heat pumps have become more popular in Indiana. Heat pumps serve the dual purpose of heating and cooling homes. There’s no need for a separate air conditioner. The majority of heat pumps last an average of 15 years with proper maintenance and normal usage.

Ductless Heating

It’s what it sounds like. A heat pump which doesn’t rely on ductwork. Ductless heating systems can be installed on ceilings or walls. Most use a convenient remote control, are incredibly energy efficient and last an average of 12 to 15 years.

They’re great if you need to address cold or hot spots, if you plan to renovate an unfinished space or want to boost heating or cooling in certain zones of your home. You can even connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor compressor to heat and cool your whole home.


Boilers are mostly in use in historic homes and buildings, such as churches. They are powered by gas, oil or electricity.

They heat water and use hot water or steam to heat. Pipes distribute the steam to radiators. Baseboard radiators or radiant floor systems distribute the hot water. Hot water boilers operate at a lower temperature than steam boilers.

Boiler lifespans vary, depending on the type. Electric steam boilers average 15 years while cast iron steam boilers average closer to 35 years. Some homeowners choose to convert old boilers to greater energy efficiency with a retrofit kit. Retrofitting should be carefully considered against replacement with a modern, energy-efficient system.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

If you plan to live in your home for a long time or prefer eco-friendly options, we highly recommend a geothermal heat pump. While the initial investment discourages some, the payoff over time can be amazing. Many Indianapolis-area homeowners with geothermal systems see up to 80 percent savings in operating costs compared to traditional heating and cooling systems. Eighty percent!

For installation, the ideal situation is a home with a comfortable amount of land. Homes in Westfield and Noblesville, for example, are often a great fit for new geothermal systems. Don’t be discouraged if you live in metropolitan Indianapolis, though. We’ve also installed geothermal units in areas like Meridian-Kessler.

A geothermal unit operates using one of three closed-loop systems. Installation of the loops may be vertical, which is typical for city lots. For homes with more property, loops are installed in a horizontal pattern or even into a lake or pond.

These environmentally-friendly heat pumps bring heat from the earth into your home through the loop system. The loops are filled with an ethanol mixture to prevent freezing.

In winter, the solution circulates through the loops and absorbs heat from the earth. The warmed water moves into the home where a water-to-air heat pump concentrates the thermal energy.

The energy transfers to heat air and circulates it through the home’s ductwork. During the summer, the process reverses and pumps excess heat from the home into the ground.

Heating Repair in Indianapolis

When you realize the heat isn’t working, there’s no time to delay. Trust Homesense in Indianapolis with your furnace repairs. We repair all makes and models of heating equipment. We perform furnace, heat pump, boiler and ductless unit repairs.

Our team of experienced and certified HVAC technicians are not incentivized to sell. Their goal is to restore your heat as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. Seems obvious, but we’ve found it’s atypical. Because of our commitment to unmatched integrity, we are confident you’ll find a refreshingly-different experience with Homesense.

Indoor Air Quality for Heating in Indianapolis

If you wake up in the morning thirsty or with a dry throat, your air may be dry. You may also find the air feels stale in your home. These are common indoor air quality issues, especially in winter. We’ve sealed our homes tight to avoid energy loss. The downside is less ventilation and humidity in our air.

Dry air may cause itchy skin, static electricity and increase vulnerability to nose bleeds and airborne virus and bacteria particles. At Homesense in Indianapolis, we provide several solutions to indoor air quality issues. We can install various products including whole-house humidifiers.

For anyone living with asthma, allergies or other respiratory or immune-suppression illnesses, we offer whole-home filtration products such as air purifiers and media air cleaners.

We also provide air filters for your HVAC equipment. Talk to us for a custom recommendation for filters for your Indianapolis home. It’s important your filter pairs with your current heating system. The most expensive or comprehensive filter may strain your furnace or heat pump.

Preventative Maintenance for Heating Systems in Indianapolis

There are many benefits to preventative maintenance for your home heating system. For example:

  • Keeps warranties intact
  • Provides a complete inspection
  • Cleans, tests and lubricates necessary parts
  • Uncovers signs of excess wear and tear, avoiding potential repairs or breakdowns
  • Helps your furnace or heat pump run as efficiently as possible and
  • Extends the lifespan of heating equipment.

We service furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, ductless mini-split units, geothermal heat pumps as well as IAQ products like whole-house humidifiers and air cleaners. We also service all brands.

For the most convenience and value, join the Homesense Preventative Maintenance Program. It provides two service appointments each year plus benefits like discounts and priority scheduling in emergencies.

Selling a home? Get ahead of the game with a Homesense Heating and Cooling Home Sale HVAC Inspection. One of our certified technicians checks your heating and air system. He verifies it’s fully functional, safe and meets strict HVAC code. Eliminate last-minute headaches and expedite negotiations and closings with this powerful tool.

Heating System Finance Options for Indianapolis Property Owners

It can be a major financial investment to replace an HVAC system. To help, we proudly offer 0% APR finance options. We want Indianapolis customers to get the system they need right away.

We don’t want anyone to compromise safety because of the cash outlay. In many cases, a new system is safer as well as more reliably comfortable and energy efficient.

In fact, the savings in utility bills often negate the impact of the payments on a family’s budget. Spread out the cost of a modern, energy-efficient furnace, heat pump, air conditioner or any HVAC equipment while you enjoy lower energy bills.

Heating System Warranty

In general, warranties vary by manufacturer. Furnaces typically have two main warranty coverages. One is for the heat exchanger, which is the most expensive component to replace.

One of our newest brands, Daikin, offers an incredible warranty. Daikin offers a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 12-year parts limited warranty on all furnace models. Most also have a 12-year unit replacement limited warranty. These warranty specs are a big deal in the industry.

Heat pumps and ductless mini-splits warranties are similar. Most are written plainly with little legalese.

Activities which void a warranty include failure to maintain the equipment, accidents such as fire, flood, lightning or other “acts of God.” Warranties may be voided if the equipment is installed, repaired or serviced by an unqualified person.

For specific details, refer to the manufacturer information for your unit and talk to your Homesense professional.

Brands of Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Ductless Mini-Splits, and Boilers

Homesense currently represent, sell and install various brands of heating products in Indianapolis. These include Carrier, Mitsubishi and Honeywell. We recently began a partnership with global corporation Daikin.

Known internationally, Daikin purchased Houston-based Goodman Manufacturing in 2012. They have since opened a 4 million square foot state-of-the-art HVAC facility in Texas which combines manufacturing, logistics, engineering and customer support together.

We repair and service all the furnace and heat pump brands we represent, of course. In addition, our technicians are capable of repairs for any furnace, heat pump, boiler or ductless unit. You may be familiar with any number of brands, although there’s a small group of HVAC manufacturers in the U.S. This is a common practice in manufacturing, as companies acquire one another.

Major HVAC Manufacturers Brand Names

Ingersoll Rand Trane, American Standard, Ameristar
United Technology Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Day & Night, Heil, Tempstar
Lennox Industries Lennox, Ducane, Armstrong, Concord, Allied, AirEase
Rheem Manufacturing Rheem, Ruud
Daikin Daikin, Goodman, Amana
Johnson Controls York, Coleman, Luxaire
Nortek Global Maytag, Westinghouse, Frigidaire, Kelvinator

Regardless of which brand you currently own, Homesense can help when you need HVAC repairs or maintenance.

Heating Service, Repair and Installation Service Areas

Homesense proudly serves the following areas in and around Indianapolis for HVAC needs:

Don’t hesitate to give Homesense a call at (317) 342-9133 for heating & furnace services in Indianapolis and Central Indiana.

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