Homesense Heating & Cooling is the premier choice for AC service in Indianapolis, IN. Whether you own a ducted or ductless air conditioner, you can depend on our AC company for high-quality AC services. We also install great new systems! Our company opened in 2009, and we offer all the warm, friendly customer care you expect from one that’s locally owned and operated. The humid continental climate here in Indy requires that an AC company be quick to respond, and we can boast that we meet that requirement.

The foundation of every great relationship is trust, and we believe in the values of honesty and integrity. We’ll clearly communicate with you and recommend nothing more than what’s necessary to get you comfortable again.

AC Service You Can Trust in Indianapolis

It all starts with the skills of AC technicians who can expertly diagnose what’s wrong with your AC, whether it’s short-cycling or failing to switch on, and we’ll quote you an accurate price for the solution. You can depend on our highly skilled technicians to find the best possible solution to whatever problem your air conditioner is facing.