Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement in Indianapolis

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Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement in Indianapolis

Finding an air conditioning system tailor-made to individual needs can be a difficult task. Many contractors will simply read the information on your current air conditioner and then estimate the same-sized system. We look at each new air conditioning installation in a customized way to ensure you get the right system. If you need help with an air conditioner installation and/or replacement in Indianapolis, Homesense can help. Read this blog for more info and tips on how to select the correct size unit, when to replace both your AC unit and Furnace (or not), and how to select a trustworthy company to assist.

Do you want to flip a coin on such an expensive investment? Wouldn’t you rather work with a team who is thorough in its HVAC diagnosis to determine the best system, asks great questions to determine the right efficiency for their needs, and works within set budgets to determine the right brand to get a home comfortable again?

We know that you have many questions about choosing the right air conditioning system, brand of AC unit or the right application for your home. We suggest, before making any purchasing decision, to set up a free, in-home, no-obligation estimate with our installation team so we can give you a complete AC replacement estimate on what you really need. Our goal at Homesense is to have quality outcomes on every new air conditioner installation and build customers for life.

The Home Air Conditioning Replacement Process

If it is time for your air conditioning system to be replaced, here are some tips when shopping for a new unit.

Comparing A/C vs Heat Pump

While a heat pump looks exactly like an outdoor A/C condenser, the difference lies in the fact that both heating and cooling occur within the heat pump. On the other hand, an A/C condenser works with a split system, where cooling happens within the outdoor unit and heating takes place within the indoor furnace.

When to Replace Both A/C and Furnace

In some situations, it can make the most sense for you as a homeowner to replace both your air conditioner and furnace at the same time, but not always. Here are few tips on when and when it may not be in your best interest to replace your entire HVAC system:

3 Reasons to Not Consider:

  1. Your furnace is less than 10 years old and has no issues.
  2. You don’t have the money to responsibly replace it now, or you have other large financial priorities at the moment.
  3. You are planning on moving within the next year.

4 Reasons to Consider:

  1. Your furnace is more than 10 years old and has had some issues.
  2. Resources are available to replace them both now.
  3. Your home has a downflow furnace, which means your existing furnace has to be completely removed in order to replace your air conditioner.
  4. You want a high-efficiency air conditioner, in which case you are required to also replace your furnace with a high-efficiency option.

How to Shop for the Best Air Conditioning Repair Services Provider

Shopping for a new air conditioning system can be a foreign process. After all, it is not something you face on a regular basis — hopefully, at least. To help, here are five steps to help you get started in researching your Indianapolis HVAC service providers:

  1. RESEARCH CUSTOMER REVIEWS — Go online and see what other people are saying about the HVAC companies you’re exploring. Check out Google and Yelp reviews to read customer reviews and better understand how consumers make decisions about their particular unit and technician.
  2. REQUIRE MULTIPLE OPTIONS IN ESTIMATE — Ask the HVAC professional you’re working with for multiple options within your estimate. Try to get at least three options included. You only shop for a new HVAC system maybe once a decade, so you want to fully understand the scope of market values and the cost-benefit analysis of all the different options.
  3. ENSURE UNIT RIGHT-SIZE FOR HOME — You want to make sure your unit is properly sized to the space you are heating and cooling. Technically speaking, this is called a heat load calculation, which determines the right amount of British Thermal Units (BTU), or output of your air conditioner per square footage.
  4. ASK FOR QUALIFICATIONS ON INSTALL TECHNICIAN — Don’t be shy about asking the HVAC company for the specific qualifications of the technician who will be installing your unit.
  5. TAKE TIME TO MAKE BEST DECISION — Purchasing a new HVAC system is a big decision, so take your time and don’t feel rushed. Do plenty of research, read reviews from other customers, and know your technician. One night of uncomfortable temperatures will be worth a lifetime of making the right choice.

Standard vs High-Efficiency Units

When deciding between a standard vs. high-efficiency air conditioning unit, it’s important to understand the similarities and differences.

Similarly, both units effectively cool your home and offer similar life expectancy with good maintenance practices. Additionally, both use gas and electric power sources and work well with smartphone thermostat options.

Conversely, high-efficiency units include higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings, meaning more air gets cooled for less energy (and money) — usually provide payback within 3-6 years of your purchase. More specifically, the variable speed blower and dual heat exchangers use less electricity and gas, respectively, to increase home interior comfort, and the unit’s advanced control board also allows for predictive alerts to homeowners and HVAC companies when issues arise within the system.

So how do you know which one to choose? Here are three questions to consider when deciding between a standard vs. high-efficiency unit:

  1. How many days will you be using A/C?
  2. What is your current electric bill during these months?
  3. How long do you plan to own your home?

Quality Installation Starts with a Quality Team

Homesense recruits high integrity, highly trained technicians to perform your AC Installation. Coupled with a high degree of quality control, and an unmatched commitment to integrity, your system install with be the only project that team is focused on during your replacement.

Our Available Air Conditioning Systems

Did you know your heating and air conditioning system costs more than any other system in your home? It makes up about 48 percent of your total utility bill on average.

Learn more about our options for air conditioning systems.

Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement in Indianapolis

Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement in Indianapolis

Other Related A/C Products

In addition to the air conditioning systems, you may need to consider replacement or adding other related heating and cooling products.

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless heating and cooling systems are one of the fastest growing components in the industry. They offer quiet high-efficient systems with the same capacity of the traditional ducted HVAC unit. We often recommend adding these systems in master bedrooms, sunrooms and finished attics.

The benefits of ductless heating & cooling systems include:

  • Quiet operation
  • Immediate access to high capacity
  • Top quality energy efficiency options
  • Incentives from utility providers

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are quickly becoming the most popular option on the market. They are compatible with most smartphones and allow control of the temperature of your home from anywhere, anytime. Homesense carries the top brands — such as Nest, Carrier’s Cor thermostat and Honeywell’s Lyric thermostat. Because they control energy use, these options reduce costs and increase the comfort of your home year-round.

The benefits of a Smart Thermostat include:

  • Ability to control from your smartphone from inside and outside of your home.
  • Estimated 20 percent or more cost energy savings.
  • $100 rebate from most utility providers.
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Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement in Indianapolis


The inverter controls the speed of the compressor motor in order to continuously regulate temperatures. The Daikin FIT system, which comes with a 12 year warranty, helps keep your home cool at a low cost. All while operating with an industry leading quiet mode.

The benefits of an Inverter include:

  • Increased efficiency with lower energy bills
  • Extended life of the components
  • Quieter operations
  • Fewer breakdowns

Financing Your New A/C Unit

At Homesense, we understand that few homeowners are prepared to spend the large cost of buying or replacing an air conditioner or furnace repair. That’s why we have partnered with Wells Fargo to offer zero percent financing, as well as additional financing options for replacement of your HVAC unit. When ready, you can apply here.

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Air Conditioning Equipment We Install

At Homesense, we are a Daikin Elite Dealer. We install some of the most efficient and reliable home cooling products available today. AC Installation of a Daikin system comes with an industry leading 12 year warranty.

Our Air Conditioner Replacement and Installation Process

At Homesense, we have the most honest process for AC installation in Indianapolis. We don’t hassle you for a system that is not the right fit for your home or budget. Here’s how it works:

  • 1) It starts with a free consultation: During the free consultation, our HVAC specialists will address all of your questions, provide a system estimate that is specifically designed to meet your needs. We look into everything from the insulation to a thermostat, our team customizes an air conditioning system that fits your needs and your budget.
  • 2) Pick a SEER rating (Efficiency): The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER rating, determines how much your cooling bills will be. In general, higher SEER ratings require a larger upfront investment, but the lower energy costs are often worth it. We’ll help you determine the payback period of units with different efficiency ratings to help you make a smart choice.
  • 3) Size the air conditioner accurately: Sizing is about more than just square footage. We also take your Indianapolis home’s layout, orientation, insulation levels, air infiltration rates, internal heat gain, and other factors into account to arrive at the perfect AC size for your home.
  • 4) Perform the professional AC installation: On the day of your air conditioner installation, a team our trained HVAC technicians arrive at a scheduled time to install your system according to the manufacturer’s exact specifications and our high standards of quality. We calibrate the system for comfort and energy savings and show you how to program the thermostat for maximum efficiency.

We offer competitive financing options for home and businesses on all budgets. Everybody in the Indianapolis deserves to be cool and comfortable at home. At Homesense, we’ll do our best to make sure that happens.

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Benefits of Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Indianapolis

Not every AC installer in Indianapolis is as detailed as we are. With our professional AC installation, you can expect these benefits:

  • Better equipment performance
  • Greater comfort
  • Enhanced safety
  • Fewer repairs
  • Warranty coverage
  • Annual maintenance

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