Homesense Ductless SystemsIt’s no surprise that As a leading HVAC company in Indianapolis, Indiana, Homesense Heating & Cooling understands the importance of providing cutting-edge, efficient solutions to our clients’ heating and cooling needs. It’s no surprise that ductless heating and cooling systems are dominating the HVAC market as the most rapidly expanding segment. These innovative systems are hailed for their remarkable efficiency and unobtrusive, quiet operation, providing a seamless integration into your home environment.

    Since ductless mini splits first arrived on the U.S. market, Homesense has been at the forefront of installing these advanced systems in our clients’ homes. These remarkable machines prove to be an excellent solution for various scenarios, including room additions, refitted attics, and uncomfortably hot master bedrooms. Moreover, they’re even an option worth considering for those undertaking a whole-house new construction project, showcasing their flexibility and comprehensive capabilities.

    Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits

    1. Industry leading energy efficiency options
    2. Flexibility of Ductless Mini Splits: The smaller indoor systems and outdoor systems are allowing for home owners to condition spaces without taking up the floor space that a typical mechanical room occupies.
    3. Quiet operation
    4. High capacity on-demand: Ductless HVAC systems range from 9,000 BTU’s of cooling up to 4 tons of cooling, the size of many typical whole house heating and air conditioning systems.
    5. Efficiency incentives from utility providers: With some systems achieving up to a 30 SEER rating, ductless mini split heating and cooling systems are some of the most highly efficient heating and cooling products on the market.

    Despite their compact size, the power of ductless HVAC systems shouldn’t be underestimated. They range from providing 9,000 BTU’s of cooling to an impressive 4 tons of cooling, matching the output of many typical whole-house heating and air conditioning systems. Their on-demand high capacity ensures your home’s comfort is always just a flip of a switch away.

    Another key benefit lies in the significant efficiency incentives offered by utility providers. With some systems achieving up to a staggering 30 SEER rating, ductless mini split heating and cooling systems stand at the forefront as some of the most highly efficient HVAC products on the market. These incentives make ductless systems an even more attractive solution for homeowners seeking efficient, economical, and reliable heating and cooling options. At Homesense Heating & Cooling, we’re committed to delivering these modern, efficient, and versatile ductless systems to the Indianapolis community.

    Where a Ductless Heating & Cooling System works best

    • Hot master bedrooms
    • Room additions or sunrooms
    • Finished attics
    • Commercial spaces needing supplemental heating/air conditioning
    • Renovation of churches
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