Frustrated with a Loud Air Conditioning System in Indianapolis? Listen to the Daikin FIT

If you have ever had an air conditioner by your back porch, you know it. Traditional air conditioning systems are notorious for sounding like an airplane taking off, requiring anyone around to shout to be heard. This frustration wasn’t lost on the engineers at Daikin, who have launched a whisper-quiet air conditioner called the Daikin FIT system.

The Daikin FIT is a side discharge air conditioning system that is inverter-driven, which effectively means it reduces the starts and stops a traditional air conditioner has during operation. The best metaphor for what this means for you is the difference between driving in a city versus driving on a highway with cruise control.

Hear it for yourself here below.

Quiet Operation – Only 58 Decibels

  • Low impact if your existing air conditioning is near an outdoor living space
  • Reduced noise if A/C is near windows
  • Happier neighbors as they don’t hear when your system is running

Need to Replace Air Conditioner in Indianapolis?

If your old air conditioner needs to be replaced, or you are ready to consider a quiet air conditioner like a Daikin FIT, we’ll be happy to help if you call us at (317) 458-9255 or tweet us @Trusthomesense.

Our team of local experts can answer any questions about replacement. If you are ready and want to expedite the process, try our virtual estimating form, which allows homeowners to take the necessary measurements and pictures for our estimating team.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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