Why You Might Consider a Condensing Furnace to Heat Your Indianapolis Home

By: Brian Schutt  |  December 2, 2016

While November weather in Indianapolis was the second warmest in recorded history, we know the streak of mild winter weather will run out eventually. It always does.

And to keep your house warm this year, we install two types of furnace options in homes across Central Indiana:  (1) the conventional standard efficiency furnace and (2) the higher-efficiency condensing furnace.

As we shared in the article below by the ACHR News, most Homesense customers who purchase condensing furnaces do so because of a strong desire for the greatest comfort within their house. But we’re also seeing more and more homeowners select the slightly pricier heating option because of its long-tail, cost-saving potential.

“We have pretty long winters here in Indianapolis, and with condensing furnaces, the more you use them, the more benefit you get from that increased efficiency. Customers usually want to know what the payback is for a condensing furnace, but they also want to know the comfort benefits it can provide.”

Take a look at the full article at: www.achrnews.com. Then, contact us at 317-203-8149 if we can answer any questions to assist you in your furnace buying decisions.



See why more and more homeowners are considering condensing furnaces to heat their Indianapolis homes.


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