No Heat in Indianapolis? 4 Common Reasons for Your Broken Furnace

By: Brian Schutt  |  February 11, 2016

“I have a broken furnace! Please help!” That may sound a bit overdramatic, but we get these frantic phone calls a lot this time of year. Maybe you’ve made those calls before? It’s the call of desperation. The anxious cry for help that rises out of uncertainty. The fear of the unknown.

Your heat’s not working. That’s all you know! We’re here to help.

4 Reasons You Have a Broken Furnace

Not having heat is worrisome. No doubt. But sometimes having a bit of information–or even just a guess at the reason for the problem–can help quell some of the uneasiness associated with inoperable HVAC equipment.

Here are some possible reasons for your malfunctioning furnace and the related costs you might expect to pay. These are the best-case scenarios, as the repairs are less costly and can be fixed with universal parts:

Gas Valve

Responsible for opening and closing the flow of gas into the heat exchangers, this repair can cost between $200 – $400.

Hot Surface Igniter

Acting like a spark plug, the hot surface ignitor creates the initial combustion for the flames inside the furnace. You might hear this part also referred to as simply the “ignitor.” To fix this part, you can expect to pay $150 – $300.

Flame Sensor

As its name implies, this part senses whether or not the furnace flame is working effectively. If gas is flowing but not being ignited, the flame sensor should automatically shut down the furnace. This is a vital fix on your furnace, but not all that expensive—ranging from $150 to $300.

Limit Switches

Your furnace includes several breakers that should automatically flip off when your unit’s not functioning properly. One such limit switch measures the pressure of exhaust gas exiting your home and another limit switch gauges the overall temperature of your furnace. While small, these limit switches are critical for keeping your furnace and your family safe. Repairing them can cost anywhere from $150 to $400.

If you have a broken furnace or need maintenance, please give us a call at 317-203-8149. We’re happy to help identify the issues and offer the best solutions — to fix or replace.

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