Homesense HVAC Service Technician Wins Yelp Service Award

By: Brian Schutt  |  July 25, 2016

Earlier this summer, Homesense HVAC Service Technician Dustin Cover received the Customer Service Award from Yelp, a crowd-sourced, local business reviews website. Winners were selected by trends in reviews posted on the business, such as the number of times the name of a particular staff member or “great customer service” were mentioned.


And here’s the Yelp Review by Kelly G. of Indianapolis that helped put Dustin over the top:

I’ve received nothing but amazing service from Homesense! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to family and friends (in fact, I already have).

My A/C was acting up a few weeks ago, and at first, I was at a loss as to who to call. Then I remembered that Brian (co-owner) is a Twitter friend of mine and served in a volunteer group with me! I reached out to him on Twitter, and he immediately put me in touch with his scheduling staff. They had a technician out to my house quickly.

The tech thought it was just old batteries and some loose wires in the thermostat, so he fixed it and only charged me their flat rate for a service call.

Two weeks later, the A/C acts up again. It was a holiday weekend, but I was desperate and it was getting hot out. I messaged Brian on Twitter once more…while at the Indy 500 no less…and he responds saying he would immediately contact his on-call guy and try to get someone out to my house on Memorial Day!

Dustin showed up bright and early, on a holiday, and set to work problem solving. He discovered the wiring had gone bad between the thermostat and the rest of the HVAC system in the basement. Because the problem was not properly diagnosed the first time they visited, I wasn’t charged for the second visit. Dustin put a temporary fix in place, including a “loaner” thermostat, to keep the house cool while some new equipment is ordered.

Every step of the way, the staff has been honest, friendly, and extremely speedy in responding to my needs. I can’t recommend a home services provider higher!

Hear! Hear! We’d love to hear your thoughts on our service. Visit the Homesense Heating and Cooling Yelp page today and share how we did in serving you.

And congrats to you our HVAC Service Technician, Dustin!


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