Fox 59 Asks Homesense How Indianapolis Homeowners Can Keep Air Conditioner Running

By: Brian Schutt  |  July 14, 2016

Watch the video below to find out a few tips to keep your air conditioner running. And if you do need to call us for service at 317-203-8149, here are seven ways to stay cool while you wait for us to arrive.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t pray for sweltering heat to come through the Indianapolis area. But there’s also no denying that rising temperatures means rising service calls. Aishah Hasnie of FOX59 WXIN-TV talked with us about the recent influx of air conditioning service calls—due in large part to the sweltering heat and some part to air conditioning units going without regular maintenance checks.

Below is a transcript of the story:

Ray Cortopassi: It feels exactly like the first day of summer would feel, but many here in central Indiana are feeling pretty miserable sitting at home with broken air conditioning.

Aishah Hasnie: Yeah, repair companies across town are just swamped with calls for help. But as we found out there are some really easy ways that you can save yourself from the same fate.

“It’s unbearable almost.”

The summer heat is on and everyone is trying to cool off.

“I guess I’d like to have snow cones.”

Even the snow cone guy depends on more than just snow.

“I do have A/C right there next to me. And I have a fan underneath me, so it keeps me cool a little bit.”

But what do you do if your A/C goes out? All across the city people are calling up repair shops, like Homesense Heating and Cooling, who are getting hundreds of calls a week.

“It’s not necessarily surprising.”

Owner Brian Schutt says a lot of the issues are preventable. People just wait till the whole unit goes out to call for help, and it’s usually on a hot day like today.

“They turn the system on for the first time, and nothing happens how they expect it to.”

So he recommends a few easy tips. First, you should make sure nothing is getting in the way of your system’s airflow, making it work harder than it should.

“We always recommend changing filters quickly. It’s not just for during the heating season.”

You should also hose down the outside unit to keep it clean.

“Over time, with older systems, you can see cottonwood start to stick to the outside of the system. With less airflow, it tends to cause the system to heat up more, which then pulls more amps of electricity.”

If your air is working—but taking too long to cool your home or you hear a funny noise—call a service company now before it keels over. It could save you hundreds of dollars and sweltering days without air.

“It’d get really hot, and I’d probably be sweaty.”

Picking out your next snow cone flavor.

Aishah Hasnie: Remember, because repair companies right now are so busy you could be dealing with even a couple days wait for service. If you’re looking for a reputable company to keep your air conditioner running, you can always check out the Heating and Air Conditioning Alliance of Indiana.


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