HVAC Tips for Summer

By: Brian Schutt  |  September 19, 2017

The changing of the seasons brings a new list of home maintenance tasks. As we near the end of summer, a little bit of cleaning and some minor repairs around the house will go a long way. Prepare for the upcoming cooler temps and winter weather by following this HVAC Tips for Summer checklist.

The Homesense HVAC Tips for Summer

1. Clean the Gutters

Debris left in your gutters can cause big problems during the fall and winter seasons. Removing any brambles, seeds and leaves that have built up over the summer will unsure that you won’t have to worry about falling icicles over the winter months. Consider running a hose through your gutters and/or installing gutter guards to prevent debris from clogging them in the future.

2.  Clean and Seal Your Windows

Make sure there are no window gaps where hot or cold air could escape. Properly-sealed windows are the best thing you can do to keep your home both energy efficient and warm. Use your hand and feel around each window. (You shouldn’t feel a draft anywhere.) If you do feel a draft, perform minor caulking repairs, as needed. If sealing these gaps isn’t enough, you may have to consider replacing your windows before it gets too cold. Our goto expert is Ryan Lee at McComb Pella Windows.

Finally, make sure every window has a strong screen in place to protect your windows during storms.

3. Check Your Siding

Look for blistering paint, buckling siding, and other surface issues that may be telling of larger issues within your house. Holes may mean insect infestations, fading may mean it’s time to upgrade, and mold may indicate water damage.

4. Replace Your Furnace Air Filter

Summer heat and humidity allows all kinds of unwanted stuff inside of your home, which then finds its way into your air filter. Get into the habit of replacing your air filter every time the seasons change to ensure high quality air flowing throughout your home. And if air quality continues to be an issue, talk to us about the many indoor air quality products available.

5. Inspect Your Roof

Give your roof a thorough inspection by checking for soft spots and loose shingles. Soft spots may require an expert to take a look and loose shingles should be replaced before winter. If you notice brittle shingles, shingles that have fallen off, or stones in your gutters, these could be signs that your roof needs to be replaced. Need to talk to an expert on this? Our good friend Milie from Watergate Roofing is a local expert you can trust.

6. Clean Your Air Ducts

It’s important to check on the status of your air ducts after the summer months. Over time, dust, pollen, and other allergens move through your home and settle into the air ducts. Before sealing up your home for winter, clean up those contaminants and consider getting your ducts professionally cleaned if they look especially bad. Opinions vary on how ofter you need to get your air ducts cleaned, but most experts agree around every 5 years is what the average is. Perhaps more importantly, is cleaning out your dryer exhaust. This can become a major fire hazard as lint develops over time. If you need a trusted consultant, look to Carlton at Ductz of Noblesville.

7. Check for Odors or Sounds Coming From Your A/C Unit

Carefully inspect both the outside and inside of your HVAC system for unusual sounds or smells. These may be a sign of a potential leak and should be checked by a professional immediately.

8. Clean Up and Clear Away

Over the summer months, brush, trees, and weeds may have begun growing around your unit. Trim any and all foliage that is growing too close and could be a potential fire hazard. Keep the area around your unit free of any obstruction that might interfere with the operation of your system. If you need to winterize your lawn and garden, we love working with the team at Green Image Landscape & Design.

Need Help Following Our HVAC Tips for Summer?

Be sure to follow this HVAC Tips for Summer Checklist. Taking one weekend to clean and perform a few repairs will not only protect your home during the fall and winter months, but it will also prevent repairs in the future. If you have concerns with anything you come across, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 317-203-8149. We’re happy to help!

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