By: Brian Schutt

As winter weather continues, we spoke with Matt McCutcheon of WTHR-13 about some of the big things to remember to keep your furnace working on the coldest January days:

  1. Airflow matters. Change your filter early and often. Even if you’ve changed it recently, if you have airflow issues, you’ll quickly have furnace issues.
  2. Adjust expectations. Furnaces are designed to meet full capacity on the majority of cold days, not all cold days. Chances are that your furnace and ductwork are not sized to meet the demands of a below-zero outdoor air temperature.
  3. Layer up. Wearing socks, sweatpants and a sweatshirt can mean you’ll be more comfortable and put less stress on your furnace.

For the full Facebook Live segment, which goes into more detail, go here.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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