By: Brian Schutt
Meridian-Kessler is one of our favorite areas of Indianapolis. Stately homes that are decades old, with details that you’re not likely to see in homes built after the 1920s. In addition to the homes themselves, this neighborhood tends to attract “lifers”. This neighborhood remembers what neighbor means. It’s as close as Indianapolis gets to Norman Rockwell.

This great neighborhood fits what we do at Homesense Heating & Cooling. These neighbors talk to one another. If you do a poor job, you’re not likely to get another call from anyone in the area. But, if you do an extraordinary job, you could be the recipient of many referrals. We’ve been pleased to get several calls this winter, to help people with furnace and heat pump issues.

One such homeowner took to Google to review the job: “Professional & Competitive. I hired Homesense Heating & Cooling to service my HVAC system. The Homesense Heating & Cooling tech showed up on time and was very professional. Best of all, he told me my system was running well and didn’t try to upsell me as nearly every other HVAC company has always done. I will use Homesense Heating & Cooling in the future.”

So, we’re hoping if you’re in the Meridian-Kessler area, and you’re looking for a heating and cooling company to trust, you’ll trust what your neighbors are saying.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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