By: Cristina Marroquin-McCall

AC Day History

On a warm summer day July 17, 1902, the world got a whole lot cooler. It was this day that inspiration struck Willis Carrier, and modern air conditioning was invented. His concept would evolve to enlarge the climates humans could functionally live and work in. In honor of the miracle of air conditioning, Homesense Heating & Cooling celebrates July 17 annually as National Air Conditioning Day. This year it falls on this upcoming Saturday, so we’re celebrating all week!

Speaking on the significance of this invention to our modern life, Brian Schutt, Homesense Heating & Cooling co-owner said, “The modern city wouldn’t be possible without air conditioning. It has allowed us to live and work at a pace that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Seeing that no National Air Conditioning Day existed a few years ago, we just decided to start celebrating, and over the last few years others have come on board.”

Brian first had the idea for a National Air Conditioning Day in the early years of Homesense Heating & Cooling. As he mentioned above, started celebrating it internally with the Homesense Heating & Cooling team. He eventually reached out to Carrier, one of the top HVAC manufacturers in the world and the namesake company of Willis Carrier, who also started celebrating the holiday. Now many others have jumped on board to spend July 17th remembering this incredible invention and the miracle of air conditioning.

Fun facts

This week we are posting fun facts about the invention and growth of air conditioning on our social channels (Instagram, Facebook), along with a few giveaways to celebrate. Here’s a preview of some of our fun facts:

  • In 1903, the New York Stock Exchange was one of the first structures to use an air conditioning system.
  • The first residential air conditioning system was installed in 1914. It was 7 feet tall, 6 feet wide, and 20 feet long.
  • Along with the post-war baby boom came to an AC boom. Americans purchased over 1 million ACs in 1953.
  • After AC became popular, populations exploded in southern locations like Florida and Texas. Seasonally hot cities and states owe their success and influence to the modern air conditioner.
  • Herbert Hoover was the first president to enjoy AC in the Oval Office. He spent around $30,000 to have it installed.

Join us in celebrating the comfort we get to enjoy through this miraculous invention! And when your AC doesn’t work quite the way you’d hope, reach out to the experts here at Homesense Heating & Cooling. We’ll provide you with a trustworthy experience that is refreshingly different. Call at (317) 458-9255 or set up an appointment online.

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Brady Wilson

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