By: Brian Schutt
If you’ve shopped for a new furnace or air conditioner well, ever, you’ve probably been inundated by a bunch of brands and acronyms you’ve only ever heard in passing. Sometimes the most challenging part of the shopping process can be figuring out the differences between one brand and another.

Believe it or not, heating and cooling dealers have to do the same thing. What manufacturer an HVAC dealer chooses to associate with says a lot about its business and its customers. There are meaningful differences in quality, availability, and warranty among the brands, and as a customer, it’s challenging to figure all that out on a hot or cold day when you’re likely making a purchase decision.

So, to get to the point of this post, why among all the brands did we choose to be a Carrier dealer?

  1. Technology

    Since the air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902, Carrier has been a leader in research and development in the industry. Investment in R&D means you have access to the most cutting-edge technology in the marketplace.

  2. Quality

    While having a cutting-edge system is great, it must also last through the 100 degrees July days, and 0 degrees January mornings. Every Carrier brand product goes through rigorous testing before making its way to your home. We know this because we have seen the process firsthand. Meticulous engineering, both in product and process, ensures quality control that leads the marketplace.

  3. Accessibility

    Above and beyond the first two factors, the most critical reason why we selected Carrier is that all of its furnaces are manufactured on Indy’s west side, in the largest furnace manufacturing plant in the world. What that means to you, outside of supporting the local economy, is that if there should ever be an issue with your system, we can quickly supply the part or equipment needed.

    While there are many good brands in the market, we think Indianapolis area homeowners should strongly consider Carrier as the equipment they choose. Have questions on anything specific, message us on Twitter @TrustHomesense.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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