By: Brian Schutt

Fresh off our visit from the Carrier furnace manufacturing plant on Indianapolis’ west side, I wanted to pen a quick note for those interested in the best furnaces on the market, it’s the Carrier Infinity line.

I’ll tell the whole story of meeting the engineers behind this great equipment & the top thermostat on the market, and seeing the highly efficient assembly line in action, but suffice it to say that I walked away more impressed than ever with our decision to carry Carrier products.

These Infinity furnaces have the highest levels of R&D in the HVAC market, done locally, and tested more thoroughly than any competitor’s products, to provide the highest efficiency heating options anywhere. If you’re looking for quiet operation, check that box. If you’re looking to save on gas & electric bills, the Infinity has you covered. If you’re looking for seamless adaptation into an older home, with possibly suspect duct design, the Infinity line can adapt to its surroundings.

These furnaces incorporate many of the technological advances that have made the rest of our lives easier. We’d love to talk to you more and answer any questions you might have. Give us a call (317) 458-9255.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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