Zionsville HVAC Installation

By: Brian Schutt  |  February 24, 2011

We recently completed installing a complete heating and air conditioning system in a Zionsville home.  It may sound funny but it was very gratifying.  Our customer had been working with banks for months to make the purchase of the north Zionsville home possible, and it was a project fraught with red tape, for everyone involved, Homesense included.

After months of submitted form upon form, the home was purchased and the HVAC system has been installed.  When the process started, they were hopefully to get the Energy Star Federal Tax Credit for $1500 for the 95% efficient furnace installed, but sadly they weren’t able to get the deal done before that tax credit expired.  Nonetheless their Zionsville home has one of the top furnaces in the market.

What makes this job so gratifying, is that Homesense provided timely support and really went above and beyond to help this homeowner secure the right HVAC system for a great price.  And, knowing that they will be in their home for years with a high efficiency heating and cooling system, feels great.

Own a home in Zionsville in need of HVAC service, repair or installation?  We’d love to help you too.