Know When to Call Local HVAC Contractors in Indianapolis

By: Brian Schutt  |  November 21, 2018

Sometimes you know right away when to call Indianapolis HVAC contractors. If you’re a new homeowner or would like to better understand what’s normal and what isn’t, read on.

At Homesense in Indianapolis, we strongly believe in education. Whether it’s our technicians, installers, office staff, or customers, we advocate for knowing as much as you can.

This allows you to make more informed decisions for your comfort and safety. It allows our team to grow in knowledge and responsibility. Let’s review the tasks you can do yourself and when to call in the industry-certified professionals.

Homeowner or Indianapolis HVAC Contractors?

Air Filter Checks and Changes

Both, actually. An air filter check is an easy DIY task for homeowners. Good heating and air performance depends on good airflow. We recommend property owners check filters monthly and change or clean the filter as needed.

This is typically every one to three months. Smokers, pet owners and those who live with respiratory illnesses or suppressed immune systems benefit from frequent changes. A new filter reduces the volume of contaminants in your home’s air, plus it allows more consistent airflow.

When the filter is clogged, your heating and air system must work harder to push the air through the unit and the ductwork. This ultimately ages your system and cuts your energy efficiency.

The result is higher energy bills, an increased risk of ac repairs and breakdowns and the need to replace the equipment earlier than average. As part of the inspection process with routine maintenance, Indianapolis HVAC contractors like Homesense always check the air filter and change if necessary.

Sounds That Go Bump in the Night

Heating and air equipment, like any appliance, makes a noise when it starts and stops and perhaps an ongoing noise during normal operation. You are likely familiar with these sounds.

If you hear noises resembling clanks, squeals, buzzes or loud hums, call the Indianapolis HVAC experts at Homesense. We will send a certified technician to thoroughly evaluate and diagnose the situation.

He will provide you with options and answer your questions. We want you to feel confident in your decision, however you choose to proceed.

Icky Odors

It’s common to detect a smell in the air the first time you fire up your heating system each year. What you smell is likely heated dust which has accumulated in the heating system over the spring and summer.

When the blower fan cycles on, it pushes the dust and odor into your indoor air. If nothing else, it’s a good reminder to schedule a tune-up for your heating system. Other smells include burnt metal, dirty clothes or rotten eggs.

These can indicate your blower motor is overheating, bacteria has invaded the system or you have a possible natural gas leak. Because natural gas is odorless, so the gas company adds a chemical called mercaptan to warn consumers with its sulfur smell.

If you smell any of these last three odors, please call the Indianapolis HVAC contractors at Homesense.

In fact, if you smell the sulfuric “rotten egg” smell, go outside and contact your natural gas company right away. For your safety, do not spend time indoors until the leak is fixed.

HVAC Service Contractors in Indianapolis: Homesense

If you’re a homeowner in the Indianapolis area, such as Meridian-Kessler, Homesense is available for your HVAC service, repair and installation needs. We also work closely with property managers and real estate investors with heating and air issues.

Have you scheduled HVAC service recently? If not, call us at 317-203-8149. Our expert technicians perform comprehensive inspections during each service visit.

They also identify excess wear and tear, which can prevent a big repair or even a breakdown. With regular service from Indianapolis HVAC contractors like Homesense, your heating and cooling equipment operates efficiently and safely.

As part of our commitment to service, our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified to repair any brand. We care about your safety and comfort, so please call us when you need help.

Regardless of the age of your HVAC system, we encourage you to take advantage of our preventative heating and air service agreement. It’s a great value – saving on hassles, time and money.

Call Homesense at 317-203-8149 or submit an appointment request form today.

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