What Realtors need to know about HVAC Systems

By: Brian Schutt  |  September 3, 2020

Being a realtor is hard. It shouldn’t be made more challenging by having to be an HVAC expert also. 

While we know an HVAC system doesn’t sell a home, we do know that an expensive repair or replacement can slow down or even end a purchase agreement. 

Here are some things to know when selling a home for yourself or others. 

Realtors looking for Professional HVAC Inspections

Home inspections are performed on almost every real estate transaction. An inspection of the HVAC system may be recommended by the inspector or requested by the homeowner. Knowing the heating and air conditioning system’s condition is essential when buying or selling a home, due to the expense involved in replacing HVAC equipment.

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Homeowners Preparing a Home for Sale

Similarly, When getting a home ready for sale, don’t overlook the HVAC system. 

Real estate agents and homeowners often hire HVAC professionals to help get homes prepared for sale. Performing maintenance, an annual tune-up, cleaning, and minor repairs prior to selling your home can help ensure a smoother transaction later. In fact, replacing or upgrading a broken system can increase property value. Being able to provide a clean bill of health to a prospective buyer will help reduce anxiety, especially if your HVAC system is older. 

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Purchasing Power of a great HVAC System

Time and time again, especially for younger families, buying their first or second home, the question that gets asked is: How much are they going to pay for utilities? 

A higher efficiency HVAC system would be an attractive option for a home buyer, especially when they are concerned about basic utilities when making a purchase. According to the department of energy, more than 50% of a home’s energy use is used for heating and cooling systems. 

If you are looking to upgrade your HVAC system before selling your home, our team can give you an estimate of not only what would be best for your home, but also what has the best selling value. 

Home Warranty Smoke and Mirrors

A trend in many transactions that theoretically helps reduce the level of anxiety about the HVAC system and other appliances, is to include a home warranty for the new owner. If the new owner has plenty of patience for both the decision making of the home warranty company and the quality of the service provider — this can be a great option. If they’re anyone who has a job, kids, or frankly anything better to do, the benefits are minimal. 

We have spent hours on the phone going to bat for customers with home warranty companies, who look for any reason to deny claims. Do your buyers a service, and don’t pretend this actually will protect them in the event a major repair is needed. 


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