Preparing Your Home For The Summer Heat: Tips For A Well-Functioning Cooling System

By: Brian Schutt  |  May 15, 2023

As the temperatures outside start to rise, it’s time to think about whether your cooling system is ready to keep you cool and comfortable during the scorching summer months. Whether you have a central air conditioning unit, a window air conditioner, or a portable air conditioner, proper AC maintenance and preparation are crucial to ensuring your cooling system is ready to tackle the heat. Keep reading to explore some essential tips and tricks to get your cooling system in tip-top shape, so you can beat the heat and enjoy the summer season to the fullest.

Check The Thermostat

The thermostat is the device that communicates with your cooling system to maintain your desired temperature. It is crucial to ensure that your thermostat is functioning correctly. If your thermostat is malfunctioning or not calibrated, it can cause your cooling system to work inefficiently. This leads to higher energy bills and reduced comfort levels. Checking the accuracy of your thermostat and making any necessary adjustments can help your system work more efficiently, saving you money and improving your overall comfort.

Another reason to check your thermostat before summer is to ensure it’s compatible with your cooling system. If you’ve upgraded or replaced your cooling system recently, there may be the need to update your thermostat as well. Incompatibility can result in a lack of proper communication between your cooling system and thermostat, leading to inefficient cooling and increased energy bills.

If you have an older thermostat, you may consider upgrading to a newer, programmable model. Programmable thermostats can be set to adjust the temperature automatically, depending on your schedule and lifestyle. This feature can help you save money on energy bills by adjusting the temperature when you’re not home or sleeping.

Clean And Replace The Air Filters

Air filters play a crucial role in the functioning of your cooling system by preventing dust, dirt, and other pollutants from entering the system and clogging it. Over time, the air filters themselves can become clogged, reducing airflow and causing your system to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. When it comes to cleaning and replacing air filters, it is always best to hire a professional.

A professional HVAC technician has the knowledge, expertise, and specialized equipment needed to perform this task effectively and safely. They will start by inspecting your air filters to determine whether they need cleaning or replacement. If the filters are reusable, they will be cleaned using a specialized vacuum or brush to remove any accumulated dirt and debris. In cases where the filters are too dirty or damaged to be cleaned, the technician will recommend replacement. They will then install new filters, ensuring they fit snugly and are positioned correctly.

Clean The Outdoor Unit

The outdoor condenser unit is responsible for releasing the heat your air conditioning system removes from your home, making it a vital component in the cooling process. Therefore, keeping it clean and well-maintained is crucial for its smooth operation. Cleaning the outdoor unit involves removing leaves, dirt, and twigs that have accumulated around the unit. This process requires the expertise of a professional who is equipped with the necessary tools and experience to carry out the task safely and efficiently.

By cleaning the outdoor unit, you improve its efficiency and longevity. A dirty outdoor unit can hinder air flow, causing your air conditioning system to work harder than it should. The accumulation of debris can also lead to clogs, which can cause the unit to overheat. All of this reduces the lifespan of your equipment and can increase the risk of costly repairs.

Another advantage of cleaning the outdoor unit on your property is improved indoor air quality. A dirty outdoor unit can cause pollutants such as dust, pollen, and mold to circulate in your home, compromising indoor air quality. Removing debris from the unit reduces the risk of these pollutants entering your home, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals with allergies or respiratory conditions.

Call In A Professional

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