Indianapolis, Spring HVAC Maintenance is Here!

By: Brian Schutt  |  March 20, 2011

So we tried to warn you a few weeks back that spring was almost here.  And, like St. Patrick himself had spoken to the groundhog, that 70 degree breeze hit us Thursday.  Can I get an Amen?  We Hoosiers are a patient folk, putting up with grey, cold days for nearly 6 months in anticipation of our month long mild spring.  It’s in that short window that we highly advise you have preventative maintenance done on your HVAC system.  Your air conditioner has sat in the cold Indianapolis days and nights.  Snow sitting on your condenser outside.  The coil inside, not running.  The blower pushing hot air though.  These things need to get looked at, cleaned, lubricated, and ready for the hot summer ahead.

If we can take our cars to get the oil changed and tuned up, if we can go into the doctor to get our annual physical.  We can have the next expensive mechanical device in our homes get its proper upkeep.