Senior Technician Kary Koelliker Earns 5-Week Sabbatical

By: Brian Schutt  |  March 29, 2021

If you’ve had Homesense technician Kary out to your home, you know the deep level of expertise and knowledge he has about heating and cooling systems. He’s a trusted master-craftsman in the field, giving honest and reliable advice. Kary just recently finished five years of working with Homesense! We, and many Indianapolis homeowners, are grateful for the work and talent he’s brought over the years. 

As a special benefit for completing five years with Homesense, Kary earned a 5-week sabbatical, starting today. We’re excited for him to have this time to reflect, recharge, and rest. 

Kary has an exciting sabbatical planned. For the next couple of weeks, he’ll focus on working on his house. He’ll do some gardening and painting to get it ready for spring and summer. After that he’ll be taking a week to visit Key West to relax and enjoy the warmer weather. 

But he’s most looking forward to the trip home from Key West, where he’ll slowly drive through the southeast. He plans on visiting Savannah, Asheville, the Wheels Through Time Museum, and the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee (look it up, it’s crazy). 

Our hope is that this is a restful and refreshing time for Kary. He has certainly earned it! Day in and day out, Kary exemplifies our Heart of Homesense values. In each appointment, he brings industry expertise, reduces customer confusion, and always presents honest options. We’re thankful for his place on our team. 

Join us in congratulating Kary for this well-earned achievement!

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