Senior Technician Darren Noel Earns 5 Week Sabbatical

By: Brian Schutt  |  February 25, 2020

If you’ve had Homesense technician Darren in your home, you know the feeling of being in trustworthy hands. He exemplifies expertise and craftsmanship. For five years now, Darren has contributed his talent serving homeowners across central Indiana on behalf of Homesense.

When we decided to launch a special benefit for our team members over three years ago, we had no idea if and when someone would achieve the special designation. We should have known it would be Darren. His professionalism shines every day. If he’s missed a day for being sick, I can’t remember it. His consistency sets an example for everyone on the team, including its owners. And his consistent production, in both almost error free work and high customer survey rankings are directly related to that consistency of effort.

So what’s the special benefit he has earned? Well, this Friday Darren will go on a 5 week sabbatical that he earned through his five years of consistent service to the Homesense team. We are so excited for him to have this pause in his work life.

Our hope for him is that he can rest and refresh, spend time with his fantastic family, or whatever he determines is a good use of the time he has earned.

As an owner, it’s exciting to see an idea become a reality. We talk a lot about creating a special team so that we can create special customer experiences. Nobody exemplifies this better than Darren. Help us congratulate him on an honor well earned! 

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