The One Thermostat Mistake You May Be Making That’s Hurting Your Furnace

By: Brian Schutt  |  December 20, 2016

WTHR Channel 13 Asks Homesense How Indianapolis Homeowners Should Best Operate Their Furnace Thermostats

It’s always an honor when a local radio or television station reaches out to Homesense Heating and Cooling and asks for some thoughts on the frigid weather hitting the Indianapolis area. During this current blast of cold air, Carrie Cline from WTHR-TV asked how homeowners should best operate their thermostat to keep their homes warm this winter.

Watch the segment via the video below, or scroll down to read the transcript. And as always, be sure to reach out to us at 317-670-0171 if your furnace fails. We’ll be happy to get your family comfortable again!

Scott Swan: Most people will be turning up their thermostat when it gets this cold.

Sandra Chapman: That’s right. You know, your furnace is probably working overtime right now just to keep you warm. Our own Carrie Cline is on the city’s east side tonight with some things to keep in mind if you don’t want to spend any of that extra cash on trying to stay warm.

Carrie Cline:  Overworking your furnace this time of the year could leave you out in the cold with a very high repair bill. So, if you normally leave your thermostat set at around 72, that might not pan out so well when it’s say, 2 degrees, outside.

Brian Schutt from Homesense Heating and Cooling explains.

Brian Schutt:  When you have it set for 68 and it’s only showing something like 60, chances are the problem has gone beyond a filter.

So, what too often happens is that homeowners will adjust their temperature higher, because they believe that’s going to produce warmer air. But that’s factually incorrect. The air that’s produced is the same regardless. All that’s going to do is make your system run longer to hit that temperature set point. So it’s probably going to cause more stress on the system.

Carrie Cline:  So a few things you can do to help take the load off of your furnace. Number one, consider your drafty windows. A lot of cold air gets in through these windows. So you can either cover them up with plastic. Or if you don’t want to do that, you can do something as simple as grab a few blankets and nail those to the wall. It might not be very fashionable, ut hey it gets the job done. Right?

Another thing to consider…space heaters. This is a great way to heat one room that the family is going to be in, instead of trying to heat the whole house. But make sure you adhere to all of the space heater safety rules. Make sure it has the UL label. Make sure it has an auto shut-off, in case it falls over or something falls on top of it. And never, ever leave your space heaters unattended.

So a couple of quick and easy tips that can help you make sure you’re not overrunning that furnace, blowing it out, and having to replace it this holiday season.

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