First Frost Looming in Indy? Homesense Has You Covered. New Gas Furnace Special!

By: Brian Schutt  |  September 14, 2011

With the first frost of the season predicted just two weeks after we hit 100 degrees, I write this blog with a looming question – Is your furnace ready?  Chances are you haven’t fired it up since March or April, it’s been lying dormant, collecting dust, not necessarily ready for the workout you’ll be putting it through.


If this situation sounds like you, and you’re concerned that you may be in need of a new furnace or at least, having your current furnace properly maintained, we’re having first frost specials with you in mind.  Give us a call anytime Friday, and schedule a visit with our technician and receive 10% off maintenance or new furnace.  As simple as that.

Offer ends 9/30/11

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