Snowpocalypse Now: Indianapolis HVAC Preparation for the End of Civilization as We Know It

By: Brian Schutt  |  January 31, 2011


So we’re being told the snow and ice storm of the century is going to hit Indianapolis over the next 3 days.  Well, that may be an overstatement.  Or, this storm may make my dream of living out Jake Gyllenhaal “Day After Tomorrow” fantasies come true.

Jake Gyllenhaal aside, local news stations and weatherfolks surely have the city in a frenzy about potential snow and ice.  I’m very appreciative of all their helpful tips, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t carry battery operated radios and candles in their car.

So, to pile on the tips you may need, Homesense has you covered.

Just Bad Weather

– If you’re in an area that gets ice, and you have a heat pump.  Beware that while the heat pump typically will frost and defrost as part of its normal process, an extra layer of ice will oftentimes cause the system to not work properly, and you should switch your thermostat settings to “auxiliary” or “emergency” heat.

– If you’re like most people in the Indianapolis area, you have a gas furnace.  In that case, you should be just fine if we just have snow and ice, but no power outages.

Power Outages

– So, if the Snowpocalypse really happens and you’re one of the unlucky places that loses power, first I hope you’ve read this message before said pocalypse.  If you’re reading afterwards, my sincere apologies.  Blame Paul Poteet, not me.  Even if you have a gas fireplace, it will unlikely work without power because of necessary components like the thermostat, fan motor, and gas valve.  So, your furnace doesn’t work, that’s the bad news.  The good news is that if your house is properly insulated, it should only lose a few degrees per hour.  Consult our Indianapolis money saving tips for extra insulation ideas.  Outside of that, your regular or gas fireplace should still work as a means to heat a small area.  Our recommendation, hang out there.  Have some board games, play them.

Catastrophic Conditions

homesenseIf what Dennis Quaid’s models predicted comes true.  Stay close to me, burn books, and get inside of the library.  Do not follow the Cop just because he’s wearing a uniform.  Whatever you do, stay away from the wolves that are inexplicably in the city and impervious to the cold.  Hold tight, my dad will eventually save us.

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