Heating and Cooling Maintenance for Homeowners

By: Brian Schutt  |  September 5, 2018

Fall is on the way and now is the best time to prepare your heating system with heating and cooling maintenance. If you’re a new homeowner, you may be unfamiliar with what type of preventative service your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner needs. Let’s review:

Heating and Cooling Maintenance You Can Handle

For the average homeowner, there are several small tasks to improve the operation and efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

First, invest in a basic HVAC maintenance plan with a trusted local HVAC contractor like us: Homesense in Indianapolis. Our trained and industry-certified professionals easily handle the big stuff. When you keep a regular schedule of preventative HVAC maintenance, you’ve got a headstart on keeping your HVAC system running great.

Second, check your air filter monthly. Many homeowners use the arrival of the utility bill as a reminder. Your system may have a disposable or permanent filter.

Permanent filters can be cleaned and reused. Most people find the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced every two to three months. However, if you live with smokers, pets or in a high-pollen area, you may benefit from a monthly change.

Why the Air Filter is Important to HVAC Maintenance

Good HVAC maintenance helps your system run efficiently. One of the keys to efficiency is good airflow. It’s harder for your heating and cooling system to do its job when hindered by a buildup of debris, such as dust, pet dander, pollen and other pollutants.

When it has to “fight” an overload of debris, your system experiences excess wear and tear. This could shorten its lifespan. Clogged and dirty air filters also affect your indoor air quality.

If you use disposable air filters, you may be tempted to purchase the most expensive one if it touts superior filtration. Use caution, as a higher MERV filter may not be best for your system. Some filters are so concentrated, they actually impede the airflow in certain systems.

Please consult an HVAC contractor to determine the best filter model compatible with your specific system. Superior filtration is important unless its incompatibility strains your heating and air system.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance Best Left to Professionals

Whether you have a furnace and air conditioner or a heat pump, it’s best to schedule regular HVAC maintenance with a trained and licensed professional. Furnaces and air conditioners benefit from an annual tune-up, while heat pumps should have two.

Furnaces and air conditioners get a break in the off-season, while heat pumps do not. Therefore, it’s best to perform HVAC maintenance on your equipment, ideally in the spring and fall. This way, your equipment is checked out prior to the hottest and coldest weather.

A tune-up typically includes a thorough inspection. This allows the technician to identify any areas of concern, such as worn components. He or she also tests all switches, controls and communication with the thermostat.

Finally, all relevant components are cleaned and lubricated. If the technician notes worn belts or other repairs, he will notify the homeowner and provide recommendations. The goal is to get the equipment working as closely to designed as possible. When your heating and cooling system operates as designed, it is most efficient.

Trust Indianapolis HVAC Experts – Homesense

If you’re a homeowner in Indianapolis or the north suburbs, Homesense is available for your HVAC maintenance, repair and installation needs. We also work closely with property managers and real estate investors for heating and cooling needs.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained and licensed to repair any brand. We care about your safety and comfort. Call us when you need help.

Regardless of the age of your heating and cooling system, we encourage you to take advantage of our preventative HVAC maintenance agreement. It’s a great time-saver and value! Regular HVAC maintenance provides improvements to indoor air quality and efficiency, which saves you money in energy costs.

Call Homesense or submit an appointment request form today.

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