Indianapolis HVAC: What Customers Should Expect

By: Brian Schutt  |  January 24, 2011

homesenseIt’s not just within Indianapolis HVAC, but wherever HVAC contractors work, there’s sadly a very low bar of expectations set.  Like used car salesmen, mechanics, or increasingly the guys selling gym memberships, Indianapolis HVAC technicians tend to have a negative view from customers.  In our experience this is unfounded.  Not just from Homesense, but most of our competitors in Indianapolis, Carmel and all over Central Indiana have solid guys working for them who don’t fit the stereotype at all.

That’s why it’s particularly humorous when companies use the caricature of a bad HVAC technician to tell you how great theirs will be.  Congratulations, your technician doesn’t use drugs and wears clean clothes!  Seriously, people.  Given the reality, that most technicians are upstanding members of society, that don’t fit the unfortunate caricature repeated by some large companies, we’ve put together a quick list of expectations you should have as a customer once you’ve decided your heating and cooling company of choice.

1.  The technician should be wearing clean clothes.

2.  The technician should not smell like smoke (any kind of smoke).

3.  The technician should introduce himself before coming inside your home.  Preferably giving you a business card with his company name in the process.

4.  The technician should remove his shoes, have booties to protect your floor, or have a drop cloth for his walking in and out of the house.

5.  The technician should communicate with you on the issues with your system and the associated prices before performing any fix.

Again, these are the basics.  As a customer, you should expect these basic aspects of customer service to be provided.  Don’t be fooled by clever marketing that tries to convince you that most HVAC techs are stoned with criminal records, that’s a scare tactic so that you’ll pay their higher prices.

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