Indianapolis – Before It Gets Warm Outside, Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced

By: Brian Schutt  |  March 1, 2011


So imagine you’ve been laying on the couch for 6 months, eating pizza, drinking Coke, and the next thing you know a drill sergeant grabs you off the couch and forces you the run a marathon.  Sounds awful, right.  Ok, I know you’ll be shocked, but this was a metaphor.  We’re not sending drill sergeants to your couch.  What’s the metaphor you ask?  Well, your poor Air Conditioner has been relaxing all fall and winter, getting rained and snowed on.  Your A/C is Homer Simpson.

Do you really want to be the drill sergeant that makes Homer Simpson try to run a marathon?  That’s what you’ll be if you turn on your air conditioner without having it serviced before summer.  Don’t get me wrong, air conditioners are built to withstand the rough Indianapolis weather.  So, it’s not like your A/C will immediately quit without a maintenance plan.  But, even the best engineered product runs more effectively and efficiently when it’s regularly maintained, and will last longer.  And, who wouldn’t want their air conditioner to last longer?  If you want to know just what’s included check our quality air conditioner maintenance for this Spring.

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