HVAC System Landscaping Do’s & Don’ts

By: Brian Schutt  |  September 24, 2018

It’s an image worthy of Norman Rockwell – children playing in colorful autumn leaves around the HVAC system. Well, perhaps not, exactly. Regardless of the season, it’s important to consider your HVAC system when landscaping and performing yard work. Let’s review why it matters and some of the Do’s and Don’ts for safe and efficient HVAC system performance.

Why Is HVAC System Landscaping Important?

Caution when landscaping or performing yard work around your HVAC system is important because efficient heating and cooling depend on good airflow. If yard clutter or lawn clippings invade the AC compressor or block airflow, it hinders the HVAC system from efficient operation. It’s a fairly expensive appliance to replace, so it’s best to take precautions. If you suspect yours is due for a replacement regardless, call us or click here to schedule an estimate.

HVAC System Landscaping and Yard Work Do’s

  • When cutting grass, be sure to point grass clippings away from the AC compressor.
  • When landscaping, choose grass or gravel to surround the AC compressor, if it’s not on a concrete platform.
  • Vegetation should be at least two to three feet away from the AC compressor for proper airflow. Watch varieties with shallow root systems and leafy plantings – they can spread quickly and impede the “buffer zone.”
  • Make sure your AC unit is out of direct sun. Most of the time the builder plans for this, but if something has changed and your AC compressor sits in the sun, it can affect its efficiency. You can plant shady trees nearby as long as they don’t block the airflow.
  • Before major storms, make sure there are no planters, patio furniture or large toys nearby. Wind can pick up objects nearby and damage the unit with them.
  • Take care of old or dying tree branches. A fallen branch can significantly damage an AC compressor.
  • After thunderstorms or windy days, walk around the yard and remove any twigs, leaves or other accumulated yard waste around the AC unit.

Landscaping and Yard Work Don’ts Around Your A/C

The importance of airflow, precautions to take when landscaping around AC compressor, yard waste, maintenance plan, etc.

  • Try to avoid cutting the grass when the fan is running so clippings are not sucked inside. If they get in, they can get stuck on the blades and clog it.
  • Pick up any large rocks or twigs before mowing. If either is thrown from a lawnmower they can damage the HVAC equipment.
  • Do not surround the AC compressor with mulch because it can easily find its way inside the unit. This also creates clogs or even damage.
  • Resist the urge to camouflage the AC compressor with plants or shrubs. While flowers and shrubs around the AC unit compromise the airflow, it also makes it more difficult for technicians to access.

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