Homesense & Hamilton County: a discussion on our roots

By: Brian Schutt  |  June 17, 2021

Here at Homesense we love greater Indianapolis and being part of the growth and flourishing of this city. Our team represents various parts of Indy and I (Griff, Homesense Marketing Manager) recently sat down with Brian Schutt, Homesense co-owner, to talk about our shared connection with Hamilton County specifically as well as some of our favorite local activities there.


Griff: How long have you lived in Hamilton County and where have you lived? 

Brian: We moved here in 2008, but lived in the Indy area my whole life before that, and have lived in both Westfield and Carmel. Most recently we’ve lived around Hazel Dell and 131st Street, near Northview Church.

Griff: That’s actually really close to where I grew up! My family moved to 131st and Gray when I was about 4 and my parents are still there today. Really great spot. 

Brian: Oh cool. Yeah we’ve loved it there. It’s been a solid spot for our family and a good community for our kids. We love to hike through the Northview grounds and go to Founders Park just down Hazel Dell. We’re also really close to the Carmel Dad’s Club fields where our kids play soccer. They’re building a new fieldhouse over there that looks great.

Brian’s kids playing soccer at Badger Field.

Griff: I thought I saw something driving by! I remember playing at Badger Field as a kid when it was almost all baseball. I have really great memories there playing t-ball and watching my older brother’s games. So if you live over that way, your kids go to school at…?

Brian: Prairie Trace Elementary. They love it there. Our daughter’s going into 2nd grade and our son will be in 4th grade. We actually taught our kids how to ride their bikes at the playground at Prairie Trace. Where did you go to school growing up?

Griff: I went to Mohawk Trails Elementary, then to Clay Middle School, and graduated from Carmel High School in 2008. What’s funny is that when you mentioned teaching your kids how to ride a bike, it reminded me of how my dad taught us the basics of driving a car in the Carmel High School student parking lot because it was so open and empty on the weekend. So the first time I ever got behind the wheel of a car was in that parking lot. 

Brian: I can’t even let myself think that far ahead. Seems like these years are passing by really quickly. Not to mention, I fear for everyone in the area once Parker is behind the wheel.

Griff: Haha, we’ll have to be on the lookout for when that time comes! So what else do you all do in Hamilton County? 

Brian: We go to Grace Church on 146th and volunteer at the Grace Care Center. If you’ve never been, they rehabbed their old basketball gym and converted it into a top notch food pantry that’s been set up like a grocery story to serve families in need each week. The way it’s set up is so unique and dignifies the process of receiving help.

Griff: What would you say you appreciate most about Hamilton County? 

Brian: The family focus of the community is great. Everything from walkable playgrounds and parks, hiking trails, and restaurants that seem to be designed for kids, Carmel has been a fantastic place to raise a family.

Griff: Last question…what would you like Hamilton County residents to know about Homesense? 

Brian: Homesense was started by homeowners to serve homeowners. We’ve dealt with pushy sales tactics and complicated communication and built a company that runs in the other direction from those things. If you just want someone to trust when it comes to heating and cooling, we’re the company for you.


We’re proud to be a locally owned and operated company and always will be. Our team has roots in almost every part of the city and around the state. That’s why we’re proud to be an Indiana Original and will continue to serve our city for years to come. For a refreshingly different experience in heating and cooling, give us a call at 317-203-8149 or reach out online to set up an appointment.

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