Find Out Why r22 Refrigerant Price in Indianapolis So High

By: Brian Schutt  |  May 29, 2015

The R22 Refrigerant price is increasing fast. Read on to find out why and what’s a fair price.

As the EPA continues its phaseout of R22 high prices continue to rise across the Indianapolis area. Anyone who’s diagrammed a supply and demand curve knows that, with a reduction in supply and a relatively constant demand, prices increase. Such has been the case since 2010 when the Environmental Protection Agency’s adoption of the Montreal Protocol on CFC gases impacted production of air conditioning systems using r22, and the refrigerant supply itself.

As the diagram below shows, the mandatory reduction in supply has been significant since 2010. While freon based air conditioning systems have also been removed from usage, there are still millions of systems in America using air conditioners with freon refrigerant.


While the motivation to reduce damage to the ozone layer is a noble one, the biggest reduction seems to be the cash in consumers’ wallets.

Suppliers—now charging up to 1,000% increase in freon to HVAC contractors, like Homesense—has meant pricing of freon to consumers at $125-, $150-, and sometimes over $200-per-pound of R22. With an average sized air conditioner containing around six pounds of R22, you can see how prices can quickly skyrocket.

While we wish we could extend some sort of relief to you, all we really can do is just let you know how and why the R22 Refrigerant price continues to rise in Indianapolis.


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