Heating Service Call in Carmel, Indiana

By: Brian Schutt  |  December 9, 2010

Heating & air conditioning isn’t a mushy business.  For the most part (in the case of our competitors) it functions largely as a homesensecommodity.  You don’t get to know the guy that fixes your furnace in the same way you might your family doctor or hairdresser.  So, there’s nothing more gratifying than hearing that we’re different.

As the Homesense Thermostat at PaulPoteet.com shows, it’s cold outside.  And, as you  might guess, cold weather makes our phone ring more.  When we received a call from a lady in Carmel recently, we could tell very quickly she was frustrated.  She had looked in the Yellow Pages and called a company in the area with a big advertisement that gives equally sized expectations for homeowners.  After spending awhile on hold, she was quickly pushed to a sales rep who scheduled an appointment.  Rather than sending out a technician, the salesman did a quick assessment and told her she needed her system replaced.

Thankfully for her, she had a friend who had recently used Homesense, and she called for a second opinion.  Our second opinion was that not only did she not need her system replaced, she needed only to replace a circuit board which saved her thousands.  Times are tough for everyone, so it’s rewarding for us to do business the right way and give a great payoff for our customer.  Sure we didn’t make alot of money on that job, but we believe that a lifelong customer has a far greater payoff.

Brian Schutt


is the co-owner of Homesense Heating | Cooling. Born and raised in Indianapolis, he loves the city and its people, and is committed to bringing a servants mindset into the heating and cooling industry. One of the ways he does that is to translate the technical language of HVAC into the manageable and understandable for homeowners.

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