Is Heating and Cooling Duct Cleaning Worth it for Indianapolis Homes?

By: Brian Schutt  |  February 6, 2019

You may see a coupon or a neighbor mentions it – is heating and cooling duct cleaning a real thing and worth your time? Let’s go over the reasons to do it, how often it should be done and what else you can do to improve the air inside your home.

Why Should Homeowners Schedule Heating and Cooling Duct Cleaning?

Air Quality

First, consider how much time you spend indoors. Now, think about the fact that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is two to five times more polluted than the air outdoors. In some cases, it’s significantly more than five.

Indoor air pollution includes more than just cooking odors or a wet dog smell. Indoor contaminants include pet dander, pollen, dust, debris, virus and bacteria particles, mold and mildew spores, chemicals and more.

Your air filter catches most of this, depending on its filtration capacity. If you forget to check or change your air filter regularly, however, the debris builds up in your heating and cooling duct system.

When you schedule Homesense for heating and cooling duct cleaning, we’ll remove contaminants from your duct system. This reduces the amount of indoor pollution as well as allergy and asthma triggers in your home.

Airflow Obstructions

Dust and debris prevent good airflow in your heating and cooling duct system. Your HVAC system must work harder to push air through with this baggage as well as through a dirty or clogged filter.

Ultimately, this creates excess wear and tear on the equipment. Another airflow obstruction is nesting material, feces or the carcasses of an infestation. If you see evidence of this or of insects or rodents entering or exiting ductwork, call us right away.

How Often Should Heating and Cooling Duct Cleaning Occur?

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, NADCA, it varies, but a good average is every five years. Additional household factors include:

  • Member(s) of the household smoke
  • Member(s) of the household live with allergies, asthma, COPD, cardiac conditions or immunosuppressive disorders
  • Household has pets
  • Completion of a renovation or remodel
  • New construction
  • Prior to move-in a pre-existing home.

Additional Air Quality Improvements

At Homesense Heating and Cooling in Indianapolis, we’re big fans of air quality products in our own homes. One of our favorites is the REME HALO In-duct Air Purifier. Based on personal experience, it is effective against particulates, gases and microbes in every cubic inch of air your heating and air system reaches.

It’s been thoroughly tested to remove airborne and surface bacteria as well as mold spores plus viruses like MRSA, e-coli and Norwalk. We’ve also found it eliminates cooking and pet odors as well!

We have many air quality options to review if you’re interested, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers and a variety of air purifiers. Curious? Just ask! We’re here to inform, offer advice when you ask for it, and to make it easier to have a healthy, safe and comfortable home.

Ready to Breathe Easier Indianapolis? Call Homesense for Heating and Cooling Duct Cleaning

Whether you are concerned about your indoor air quality or the performance of your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner, we’re here for you. We’re homeowners ourselves and we care about the same things you do.

Our approach is to inform, not sell. No pressure, no hassle. If you plan to upgrade or replace your HVAC equipment, call us for a free estimate. Or if you’d like a second opinion, give us a call. If your system is better repaired than replaced, we’ll tell you.

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