How to Heat an Older Home in Indiana

By: Brian Schutt  |  December 5, 2018

If your preference leans toward character or certain neighborhoods, you may be curious how best to heat an older home. There are many of these gems in Indianapolis from grand Victorians to simple Craftsmans and modest bungalows.

Whether you’re fond of a particular architecture or you’ve long admired the established neighborhoods with older homes, these homes present heating and cooling challenges.

Because many were built prior to modern central heating and air, they may still use antiquated systems. A common problem, for example, is uneven temperatures throughout the home. Perhaps you aspire to renovate and are hesitant to invest in a major teardown of the HVAC system.

At Homesense in Indianapolis, we love heating challenges. We see them as opportunities to share our expertise and make your home better.

Our capable team can work on all types of heating equipment, including gas furnaces, electric furnaces, heat pump systems, geothermal heat pump systems, boiler heat, ductless mini-split systems and propane gas furnaces.

We have the HVAC knowledge to help you best heat an older home, as well as personal and professional experience in older home renovations.

How to Heat an Older Home with a Boiler

If your Indianapolis home has a boiler, you probably have in-room radiators. Instead of moving warm air into a space through ductwork, radiators gradually warm a room. The heat source is literally in each room with you and can be adjusted with a valve.

Radiators generally use boilers to heat water or oil. The hot water, oil or steam circulates through the radiator, which “radiates” heat to the room. If your home has radiators in or out of use, we can help you determine if a boiler repair or replacement is viable and worthwhile.

Another option to heat an older home with a boiler, especially if you plan to install new floors, is radiant heating. Here, the boiler circulates hot water through pipes under the floor. This frees up wall space and provides even heating throughout the room.

How to Heat an Older Home with a Heat Pump

Traditional heat pumps have the ability to heat or cool a home within one unit, unlike separate air conditioners and furnaces. The most popular model for older homes is by far a ductless, also called a mini-split heat pump. They make it easy and efficient to heat an older home.

With ductless mini split heat pumps, complicated architecture or lack of ductwork is not a factor. The indoor unit installs on a wall or ceiling with a small, three-inch hole to connect the refrigerant and electrical lines to the outdoor compressor unit.

LV Series Wall Mount Ductless | How to Heat an Older Home in Indiana | Homesense HVAC Indianapolis

These units are quiet, efficient and incredible problem-solvers. Because they are not connected to ductwork, they provide zone heating and cooling as well as improved air quality.

We have seen many a particularly useful application for ductless systems in Meridian-Kessler, where many homeowners are finishing 3rd-floor attic spaces and want a targeted solution.

One go-to product for us is the LV Series Wall Mount from Daikin. It has a SEER level up to 24.5 and achieved an ENERGY STAR award for Most Efficient status in 2017.

While most ductless units use a remote to control their operation, this Daikin model offers the Daikin Comfort Control App. This empowers you to adjust the settings and temperature from a smartphone, tablet or any Wi-Fi-connected device.

In a traditional central heating and air system, dust, debris and other odors and contaminants circulate throughout the home. Change the air filter and your space stays clean from such pollutants.

When You Need to Heat an Older Home Trust Homesense

If you’re a homeowner in Indianapolis areas like Meridian-Kessler or Butler-Tarkington, Homesense is available for your HVAC service, repair and installation needs.

Do you have concerns about how to heat an older home? If so, call us at 317-203-8149. We’re happy to provide a no-nonsense recommendation or estimate, based on your needs.

Regardless, we encourage you to schedule seasonal service. We can perform a tune-up on your current system. Our expert technicians comprehensively inspect your equipment during each service visit.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified to repair any brand. We care about your safety and comfort, so please call us when you need help.

Finally, regardless of the age of your HVAC system, the best savings in heating and cooling is our preventative heating and air service agreement. It’s a great value and saves you time and money.

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