Furnace Installation in Indianapolis – A Customer Story

By: Brian Schutt  |  October 20, 2011

homesenseWe have a lot of smart customers at Homesense.  This isn’t just brown-nosing, it’s the truth.  Most of our customers call us knowing exactly what they expect from their HVAC provider, having researched the internet, consulted friends and family. and read reviews and testimonials of other customers.

We love it when our customers have done the research, because they ask really great questions.  With informed customers asking great questions, we are really able to walk through some of the major differentiators with our customers.

One such story happened in a conversation this week, in talking to a customer about a potential furnace installation.  He had done his research, and knew that while their are many brands at different levels of quality, more than anything else it is the quality of installation that determines the long term performance of the equipment.  That bears repeating, more than anything else a quality installation is going to determine how long your equipment will last.

We love to hear questions like that, because it is one of the main factors within our recruitment of technicians.  While most companies put their most rookie technicians on their installation teams, at Homesense we have seasoned service technicians working in all facets of the HVAC cycle, including installation.  An experienced technician doing your furnace installation means higher quality control, fewer issues through the life of your equipment, allowing it to last longer, leaving more money in your pocket.

So, if you’ve found us while doing your research, keep it up.  When you’re comfortable with the direction you want to go, give us a call, we’re ready for your questions.

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