FAQ – Do I Have To Replace My Air Conditioner When Replacing My Furnace

By: Brian Schutt  |  February 10, 2014

images-1One of the must frustrating parts of being in the heating and cooling industry is having to overcome the impact bad contractors have on the overall perception of the industry. The question above is one such area where bad contractors give a black eye to the industry.

The answer to the above question is NO. You do not HAVE to replace your air conditioning system at the same time you replace your furnace. Many companies have made thousands extra on jobs by convincing home owners that this is the case. Some of the tactics include using regulatory grey areas “You know that freon systems are no longer manufactured, so when I replace your furnace I have to replace your A/C too”. They use dubious technical requirements, “In order for the systems to match and work best, we need to replace your A/C”. Or they just outright lie, “When you replace your furnace you have to replace your air conditioner”.

Now with all that said, CAN you replace your air conditioner when replacing your furnace? Yes. Many times it actually does make sense from a financial standpoint to do so. You can end up saving a meaningful amount on the labor of doing the same job twice, especially on the inside systems. While the furnace is removed, it is a great time to inspect the evaporator coil and determine if there are any leaks that would cause future issues.

Bottom line, if someone brings up replacing your air conditioner at the same time as your furnace, they should have to make a compelling case as to why it makes sense.

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