Fall, The Best Season To Buy New Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

By: Brian Schutt  |  September 24, 2014

Fall Sunrise

As I write this, I’m envisioning you. You, the special person who proactively makes decisions based on research, rather than waiting for things to go awry in your life. It is said that an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure. Running that cliche as an actual data set, you are around 6% of the population. I hope you’re feeling special now, because you are.

In heating and air conditioning, we see the result of the other 94% of people more often than not. They wait until their homes heating and cooling systems fully fail, usually on the hottest and coldest days, when demand is at it’s highest and therefore prices are at a corresponding height. There is usually a decision made under duress. They are a ripe candidate to be taken advantage of by companies that push sales through giving commissions to technicians. While the situation may be resolved, they often spend more than what is required, take on debt, and demand speed over quality when it comes to the actual work performed. But, you’re not that person. Kudos to you.

Why is fall the best time to make a proactive purchase for air conditioning and heating systems?

There are a few factors.

First, the weather isn’t forcing you into a decision so you can compare and contrast service providers, equipment benefits, and pricing.

Secondly, because the weather is mild manufacturers often offer special rebates. (In fact, Carrier is offering rebates now until the end of October).

Finally, as the equipment suppliers get toward the end of the year, they begin inventory updates and many times offer even greater price reductions to dealers like us, so many times we can pass along additional savings to you.

So, if you know your system is on its last legs and you’ll be dealing with a likely system replacement soon anyway, do yourself a favor a do the shopping now. You’ll be the one who saves as a result.

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