Don’t Hold a Memorial Service for Your Air Conditioner This Weekend

By: Brian Schutt  |  May 19, 2015

Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis carries special weight. Along with the greatest spectacle in racing, schools are winding down, pools are opening, the grills are cooking in earnest, and families are getting together.

And while dining al fresco can be fantastic, Indianapolis area weather can also change in an instant—forcing your Memorial Day party to move indoors. And the last thing you want is for the climate inside your house to be stickier and more uncomfortable than the outside climate.

Family Dining Al Fresco_Indianapolis HVAC

To help keep your air conditioner going this Indianapolis Memorial Day weekend, follow these three DIY steps to keep your air conditioning unit going this Indianapolis Memorial Day weekend.

1. Spray down your air conditioner.

Turn off your A/C condenser , turn on your water hose, and spray off any collected cottonwood and dust.

2. Keep air returns and supplies open.

Air flow is critical for your cooling system to continue to work well. Many homeowners inadvertently choke their system off by blocking return and supply grilles.

3. Set your thermostat higher.

If you’re having people over, your doors will likely be opening and closing a lot. To reduce the stress on your air conditioner, simply bump up the temperature setting on your thermostat a few degrees.

While these steps won’t guarantee a strong running air conditioner, they can certainly go a long way to keep your family and friends comfortable during your Memorial Day cookout.

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