HVAC Contractor: Does My Furnace Need One?

By: Brian Schutt  |  October 31, 2018

Does my furnace need a repair by an HVAC contractor, or can I do it myself? At Homesense in Indianapolis, we hear questions like these a lot. Let’s review some of the common ones and how to address the issues. We want to educate where we can while we remain available for any of your HVAC needs.

Q: I woke up without heat. Does my furnace need a repair by an HVAC contractor?

The real answer is it depends. As we transition between seasons, sometimes it’s a simple fix.

The first thing to do is check your thermostat. In some cases, it may still be set to “cool.” Some thermostats still need to be manually set to “heat” before kicking on in the colder months.

It’s also possible the switch was accidentally moved during dusting or some other innocent activity. Be sure the temperature is set at a point to “nudge” the furnace into operation.

Q: I think I changed the filter last year. We don’t smoke or have pets. Does my furnace need a new air filter every year?

Short answer: yes. One of the most common causes of furnace issues we see is related to clogged filters. Consistent HVAC operation depends on good airflow. When the filter is dirty, three things happen.

First, the machine strains to push air through the system. This strain wears out parts early and shortens the equipment’s lifespan.

Second, the dust, dander, pollen and other debris continue to circulate through your home in the ductwork.

Third, because the system has to work harder to push air through the system, it’s less efficient. Reduced efficiency means increased energy usage and higher bills.

We cannot emphasize this enough. Check your filter monthly and change it as necessary. The recommended frequency is every two to three months.

Q: Okay. My kids have allergies. Does my furnace filter need to be changed every month?

If you have someone in your household who lives with allergies, asthma or other respiratory or immunosuppressed scenarios, changing your filter monthly may be necessary. Another option is to look into the more expensive filters – they usually offer better filtration for allergy sufferers.

Be advised, however, your equipment dictates the level of filtration it can handle. Buying the most expensive filter might actually strain your system.

If you’ve read about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues, you know indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. Up to five times as much!

To help, Homesense offers a variety of air purification and treatment solutions. These include electrostatic air cleaners, UV bacteria treatment systems and Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) systems.

Ask your Homesense technician for an air cleaner recommendation when he’s there for a tune-up.

Q: Does my furnace have an “on and off” switch?

Sort of. Your furnace may be tied to the circuit breaker. Go to the panel and identify the circuit assigned to the furnace. Is it in the “off” or middle position? Be advised, in some panels, the switch appears red.

If the breaker box is poorly labeled, look for the switch in a different position than the others. Push it off completely, then back into the “on” position. Furnaces also have a switch which looks like a typical wall switch.

It may be on the unit or on a nearby wall if the electrician did his part before the furnace was installed. Installed correctly, the “on” position is in the “up” direction. Occasionally, someone will mistake it for a light switch and turn it off.

If you discover it in the “off” position, flip it on and give it a minute. There is often a delay in startup.

Q: Does my furnace make that noise normally?

Most furnaces have a normal operation sound. If you hear something odd, you should call us. Problematic noises are often described as buzzes, clanks and squeals. These usually indicate a broken or worn out belt or another component. Sometimes there’s an electrical issue. Call us for an inspection before it turns into a costly or potentially dangerous situation.

Q: Do I need to call Homesense to be my HVAC contractor? Answer: Yes!

If you’re a homeowner in Indianapolis or the suburbs, like Fishers, Homesense is available for your heating and cooling service, repair and installation needs. We also work closely with property managers and real estate investors with heating and air issues.

Have you scheduled HVAC service recently? If not, call us at 317-203-8149. Our expert technicians perform comprehensive inspections during each service visit. They also identify any signs of stress.

This step can prevent a costly repair or an inconvenient breakdown. With regular service, your heating and cooling equipment operates efficiently and safely.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified to repair any brand. We care about your safety and comfort, so please call us when you need help.

Regardless of the age of your gas furnace or other aspects of the HVAC system, we encourage you to take advantage of our preventative heating and air service agreement. It’s a great value – saving you on hassles, time and money.

We would love to be your preferred HVAC contractor! Call Homesense or submit an appointment request form today.

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