Discover Ultimate Comfort with the Daikin Fit: Your Local HVAC Company’s Solution for Air Conditioning Installation in Indianapolis

By: Jason Fletcher  |  April 3, 2024

Ready to level up your home comfort game in Indianapolis? Meet the Daikin Fit – the ultimate solution for efficiency, savings, and that perfect temperature sweet spot.

daikin fit

Picture this: you walk into your Indianapolis home after a long day, and it’s not too hot, not too cold – it’s just right. That’s the magic of the Daikin Fit. It’s like having your own personal comfort genie granting all your temperature wishes.

So, what makes the Daikin Fit so special for air conditioning installation and repair in Indianapolis? Let’s break it down.

First off, say goodbye to sweaty summers and chilly winters. The Daikin Fit is a heat pump HVAC system that’s all about keeping you comfy year-round. And get this – it hooks up to your existing ducts, so no need for a major overhaul. On top of being easy to install, it comes with 12 year parts and unit replacement warranties.

I know some of us have heard that heat pumps have a bad reputation. But, the majority of issues with previous heat pumps, like them losing effectiveness when it gets colder outside loud air noise and drafts have been resolved on these new units. 

Now, let’s talk tech. The Daikin Fit has something called inverter technology. What does that mean for you? Well, imagine your HVAC system is like a car on cruise control. It’s constantly adjusting to meet your Indianapolis home’s specific temperature needs, so you never feel those annoying fluctuations. Plus, it’s super energy-efficient, so you’ll save some serious cash on your bills.

Unlike most old school AC units that constantly turn on and off, the Daikin Fit uses its inverter technology to modulate the fan in increments to ensure your home’s temperature stays closer to the temp you set the thermostat to. 

The tech doesn’t end there though. All Daikin Fit systems feature a specially engineered hydrophilic (repels water) Blue Fin coating that reduces corrosion and allows water to sheet off the coil faster while washing the coil clean. 

But wait, there’s more! The Daikin Fit is like the Marie Kondo of HVAC systems – it’s all about maximizing space and minimizing clutter. Unlike those clunky cube-style systems that take up half your yard, the Daikin Fit is sleek and compact. Say hello to more backyard BBQs and less HVAC eyesore.

daikin fit air conditioner

And let’s not forget about peace and quiet. Traditional systems can be noisy nightmares, especially when they kick into gear. But not the Daikin Fit. With its smooth, quiet operation, you’ll barely even notice it’s there. It’s like having a ninja-level HVAC system – silent but deadly efficient.

So, whether you’re chilling on the couch or hosting a party in the backyard, the Daikin Fit has your back. Say hello to the comfiest, coziest home you’ve ever had. Trust us, once you go Daikin Fit, you’ll never look back. Experience the difference by calling Homesense Heating and Cooling in Indianapolis today! Don’t forget to ask us about manufacturer rebates because we might be able to save you up to $1300 on a new unit!

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