Check Your A/C Before You Wreck Your A/C: Preparing for the First Hot Day of the Indianapolis Summer

By: Brian Schutt  |  May 10, 2011

The Homesense Thermostat on PaulPoteet.com shows that it’s 61 here at 9am, but it’ll reach a high of 81 today and 85 tomorrow.  If you haven’t yet used your air conditioner this year, you’re about to – and the last thing you want to be is one of the thousands of Indianapolis area homeowners that’ll be calling an HVAC contractor who will be very busy, and very costly.

Now, we’re not saying by following these basic steps will completely prevent your a/c from having issues.  But, these are some basic things you can do to help as you put stress on your system for the first time in months.  homesense

1) Replace your filter.  If you haven’t already done so, a dirty filter can impact your air conditioner, because it will impact the air flow going through the coil which cool your home.  Reduced air flow can lead to coils freezing, condensation within your system, and stress on other parts.

2) Don’t go too low too soon.  This step won’t prevent anything if you have parts that are broken or not functioning right, but can help get your system warmed up and working for the hotter days ahead.  Rather than set it at the desired temp right out of the gate, start with something like 75, so that the temperature differential isn’t as great.

3) If you turn it on, and nothing happens, don’t freak out and run to Google.  Before you go and pay a company like Homesense to come out and do something relatively simple, check your breakers.  Like turning on your car or most mechanical systems, get the system up and going pulls the most energy.  This circuit hasn’t been used in a while, or with other things going on in your house, you may just need to flip your breaker.

If you’re one of the unlucky ones these first few hot days, we’d love to help you out.  Mention this blog post and we’ll give you $10 off your service call.  Give us a shout at 317-203-8149.

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