Channel 6: Get a Second Opinion on Furnace Repairs

By: Brian Schutt  |  December 23, 2017


With temperatures dropping, Channel 6 reached out to us to find out what insider recommendations we could give to homeowners in Central Indiana.

A few highlights from our conversation that weren’t included in the video:

  • Be wary of a repair technician that says you “have to replace your furnace.” Anything can be fixed and it’s there job to give you those options. If you think the repair is too expensive, you should be the one asking for a replacement estimate.
  • Be very skeptical if the same technician that is there to repair your system is also the one giving you a replacement quote. There’s a significant conflict of interest at play if he is diagnosing the issue, since he can be highly compensated to recommend replacement.
  • Seek out multiple opinions on the issue.
  • If it is time to replace, ask to see license of company, get bio and background of installing technician.
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