The Best Thermostat Replacement for Your Home

By: Brian Schutt  |  February 3, 2015

Read on to find out more about the best thermostat replacement in your home.
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  • Smart thermostats app activation up to 4,500/day
  • $100 rebate available from some Indianapolis area utilities
  • Thermostats can alert phone when issues arise with heating/cooling system

There’s been a lot of buzz the last few years about smart thermostats. So, what is a smart thermostat, and why can’t we live without it? There’s no formal accepted definition of a smart thermostat, but everyone does agree on one feature that makes a thermostat smart: it connects to your Wi-Fi network and provides an app for your smart phone so you can control it. Smart thermostats are extremely popular right now, with one manufacturer claiming to have 4,500 people downloading their app every month.

While there are techies who probably adopted this technology years ago, for the sake of the technology itself, regular people are finding out how something this simple can make their lives better. When you stop and think about it, the benefits are pretty clear. Getting an alert on your phone that your heating system isn’t working properly can be a complete life saver. If you’re away from home and your home gets too cold, pipes freeze and break causing unbelievable amounts of damage. Smart thermostats help by alerting you to the dropping temps at home. If you forgot to set back the thermostat at night or when you’re away, just a few clicks on your phone’s app solve that problem, helping to cut your energy bill. If you’re on your way back home, you can turn it up a few hours before you arrive to make sure your home is nice and cozy when you get there.

Sometimes changing a thermostat seems like a DIY project, but it can be more difficult than you imagine. Selecting the right thermostat and installing it properly are extremely important. There are as many different thermostats as there are types of HVAC systems, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for your system, and your home. Even if your handy with wiring, installation of some of these thermostats aren’t always going to wire back up the exact same way as your old thermostat, and in some cases may require new or additional wiring from the furnace to the thermostat.

Fortunately energy companies are helping to offset the cost of a professional installation of a new thermostat. I have a list of local Indianapolis utility rebate pages below. Each one offers $100 rebate with a smart thermostat installation.

I’d love to be the person to help you select and install a new smart thermostat replacement for your home. Feel free to contact me so I can help you decide which thermostat is going to be best for you, which installation options (DIY vs Professional), and help you apply for rebates.

– Brad Odom, Senior Design Technican, brad@trusthomesense.com

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