A Story of Trust

By: Brian Schutt  |  September 17, 2010

Earlier this summer when temps were in the 90’s for week’s at a time, we received a call from Mike.  He owns and rents a condo on Mass Ave. in downtown Indianapolis, it’s about 5 years old, and in one of the nicest developments available.  He had received a call from his tenant complaining that the place wouldn’t get below 80 degrees.  Mike knew the quickest way to lose his tenant was to have an 80 degree condo.

Homesense Heating | Cooling was 1 of 3 firms Mike called out to look at his system.  Without naming names –  the other two were larger companies.  One has perpetually playing radio commercials and rhymes with “Tile Run”, the other is more known for it’s department store and formerly the tallest building in Chicago.  Are we clear?

Anyways, as the story was retold by Mike all of us came out within about 24 hours.

#1 The department store company came out first.  The young technician fiddled with the thermostat, walked into the service closet, and a few minutes later declared that both the furnace and air conditioner needed to be replaced.  In his view this was the case because the A/C ran on a freon system, and that since freon systems are no longer made, they were *required* to replace the whole system.  (This is false)  So, let me recap… without looking at the condenser, which is the outside unit with fan that in Mike’s case was on the roof of the condo, this tech made the recommendation that it needed to be replaced.

#2 To their credit, radio jingle company actually took the time to go onto the roof, and they didn’t made up a complete lie about having to replace both the A/C and furnace.  Yet, after about 20 minutes on the roof, looking at the thermostat, and standing in the service room, they recommended to Mike a replacement of his rooftop A/C condenser and inside coil.

#3 So I’m writing this story, so dear reader, you’re not shocked to find out that Homesense outperforms our competition.  We sent one of our top technicians, both with great technical proficiency and high character, out to Mike’s condo.  Mike, at this point resigned to the fact that he would have to replace his system, told our technician that he would just like an estimate for replacement.  Our tech, decided that before he just put together a proposal he wanted to get a look at the issues himself.  After spending over two hours looking at the air conditioner, furnace, thermostat and most importantly ductwork, our technician was able to determine that somehow construction a floor above had knocked a 2×4 into Mike’s ductwork and the majority of cold air was blowing out into the space above his ceiling.  So, instead of $3 – $5,000 to replace an A/C or an entire HVAC system, Mike had for 2 hours of labor and a small repair to his ductwork.

In his follow up call to me, Mike was almost speechless in his praise for the time & ability shown by our technician, leading him to call him “the Michael Jordan of heating and cooling.”

As a growing company, those are the stories we want to hear and want to tell.  We’d love to send our “Michael Jordan’ technicians out to help you!

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