8 Critical Heating and Cooling Questions to Ask

By: Brian Schutt  |  February 6, 2014

When something happens to your air conditioner unit or your furnace, you need it fixed, the right way – right now. Couple that with sorting through the hundreds of heating and cooling companies in Indianapolis, and you may just feel overwhelmed. To help make your elimination process easier and avoid risk, here are 8 critical heating and cooling questions you should ask to help you select find the best HVAC company in Indianapolis for your house.

About the Heating & Cooling Company

Q. Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

A. Which ever HVAC company you use, should be able to provide printed documentation of each of these important items. All are in place to protect homeowners from risky work.

Q. Who is the owner of your firm, and are they willing to talk to me?

A. If you’re investing a significant amount of resources in new heating or cooling equipment, don’t you want to know the people standing behind the company are worth trusting? This will also let you know if you’re working with a local company or a national franchise. 

About the Heating & Cooling Processes

Q. What are your customer reviews online?

A. It’s important to validate HVAC companies on sites like Google, the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Yelp to see what past customers say about the firm you are considering. This can help in seeing past a slick sales process and help you know what you’re getting into. 

Q. What is your quality control process for repair, installation or service?

A. A heating and cooling company with no quality control process means that the performance of your system is completely in the hands of the technician who performs your install. If he skips a step or forgets to do something, you’ll be the one dealing with the issues. 

About the Heating & Cooling Equipment

Q. What brands of HVAC equipment do you use and why?

A. Most systems in heating and cooling are high quality, but there are differences. Your provider should be able to explain the particular benefits of the brand you are selecting, and it shouldn’t just be that they cost less than everything else.

Q. What is an AHRI certificate, and why would I need it?

A. AHRI is the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute, where all equipment in the industry is tested on performance. Any system that qualifies for high efficiency rebates must have an AHRI certificate to certify that efficiency standards are met. 

About the Technician

Q. What is the experience level and employment status of the HVAC install technician?

A. Experience matters when it comes to quality. Better experience means better performance for your new system. And, some companies choose to use sub contractors over full time technicians. 

Q. What is a NATE certification, and why should it matter to me?

A. The NATE certification is the most important training validation done by technicians. A NATE certified technician means that you have a technician working on your system that has been certified to work on every type of residential heating and cooling system. 

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