3 Simple Tips for How to Make Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

By: Brian Schutt  |  June 17, 2015
Last updated 07/01/19

Hot Indianapolis temperatures can put stress on old air conditioners. Follow these steps to keep your old AC system lasting longer.

In my experience, most Indianapolis area homeowners know when their air conditioner is on its last legs—either an HVAC technician has told them so, they’ve experienced a host of issues, or it just looks like it was from the 1950s.

We all have a love-hate relationship with our central air conditioning unit. We love the central air conditioner when it’s hot outside and fills the house with refreshing, cool air, but hate it when it’s hot outside and our AC quits working. But even if your air conditioner is on death’s door and your goal is to limp along until the very last minute, there are some simple steps to reduce the stress on your air conditioner and prolong its life.How to Make Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

1. Set Your Thermostat Temperatures Higher on Hotter Days

During extreme temperatures, this is exactly when you want to make sure your old air conditioner runs well, and, if you had heart problems, you wouldn’t go run the mini marathon. Think about your old AC in much the same way. On hotter days, it will already be running longer and working harder. And so, setting your thermostat higher will reduce the overall stress level on the air conditioning unit.

2. Use Blinds and Drapes in Sunny Areas to Reduce Stress on Air Conditioner

When you’re away from home and not able to enjoy the sun coming into your house, use blinds and drapes to reduce the heat. The insulation levels of your windows are much less than regular walls, and this is where the outside air temperature can impact your indoor comfort. Adding a barrier of plastic and/or cloth from drapes can help insulate your home.

3. Use Fans to Reduce Effort of Air Conditioner

Less air movement means less comfort. Think about being outside on stagnant, hot days and how refreshing a breeze can be. The same concept applies to your home. If you’ve set your temperature higher, air movement from a fan can keep you comfortable even during hotter-than-normal temperatures.

Bonus Tips

  • Wash Pollen and Other Debris Off Condenser Unit
  • Keep Plants Cut Back Away From Your Outdoor Unit
  • Regularly Changing Your Air Filter
  • Don’t Close Any Air Vents or Registers Completely
  • Call Homesense to Keep Your Old Air Conditioner Lasting Longer

Our team of highly-trained technicians loves to help homeowners get every bit of life out of their old air conditioning system. Through AC maintenance and affordable AC repairs, we can likely prevent an expensive air conditioning system replacement. If AC replacement is really what’s necessary, our detailed design technicians can find the right solution for your home’s ideal comfort.

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