Trane Brand HVAC Service in Indianapolis

In Indianapolis, Trane brand Air Conditioning and Heating equipment is serviced and supplied by Homesense Heating and Cooling - Indianapolis

In Indianapolis, the Trane heating and cooling brand is one of the most well known brands in HVAC. For years their marketing tagline “Nothing stops a Trane” was pervasive in radio, tv and print. I’m sure a few lawsuits had something to do with it, but it’s now said that “It’s hard to stop a Trane.”

After being corporately owned by Trane itself for many years, it was sold to Ingersoll Rand Corporation a few years ago. Trane manfuractures furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, and many indoor air quality products and thermostats.

Trane is still regarded as one of the top brands in heating and air conditioning, and is priced as such. It distributes directly, rather than through distributors, and has two Indianapolis locations.

If you run into any issues with your Trane brand heating and cooling equipment, give Homesense a call at (317) 203-8149.




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